Episode 22: Be a Person, Don’t Be a Tool
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When it comes to what tools we should be using for our businesses, we’re having the wrong conversation. The tool is not necessarily the solution to the problem, it’s how you want the tool to act and work within your organization so that there is no confusion among your staff. What do you want your process to be when it comes to assigning new tasks, what meeting room to use, and other tools for collaboration? It’s important to take a step back and collaborate with your department heads to build out a tool playbook to get you going and to get you organized!
Key Takeaways
Anna and Larry wanted to talk about what type of meeting tools to use, but Trip has other plans…
Anna and Larry briefly try to troubleshoot Zoom, but Trip reminds us why we aren’t talking about specific tools today.
With so many tool options, there comes a lot of confusion on which tool to use and for who.
Zoom is outschool. Zoom is clanky. ZOOM is not the future!
Does this really need to be a meeting? Digital meetings have not stopped the root problem of useless meetings.
Trip shares a painful meeting experience he used to have that wasted so much time.
Does your company have a meeting process?
Each tool has its own gaps.
Everybody has their own preferences and the problem is that it’s not compatible.
When your hosts were trying to create this podcast, they ran into the same problem too when trying to collaborate. “Where is that document again?”
CFOs are banging their heads because the company is paying for this little tool here, this little tool there, and there’s no way to connect it all.
We’re six months in; it’s time to get your tools organized.
Larry recommends taking a step back and creating a playbook of how you want to operate. Get your department heads involved.
Don’t let your tools become “legacy” knowledge that your new onboarded employee has to go digging in the trenches to find and understand.
Optimizing your workforce requires innovation and it requires design thinking.
Do people really need to be at the “all hands” meeting? Is it really required?
Trip loves Whereby and Calendly.
Why does Larry use both Whereby and Zoom?
Do these products have a “moat” around them? What does Larry mean by this?
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