Episode 12: Remotely Curating The Best Talent Around the World — Rob Noble of Group of Humans
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Rob Noble is the Founder of Group of Humans, a collective peer network that collaborates on solving complex problems in a variety of different industries. The motto for the Group of Humans is Waste Not, which means using the least amount of human hours and resources to bring the biggest amount of impact. Rob shares how his humans are able to collaborate, brainstorm, and work from all over the world in a wide variety of different time zones in a seamless and pain-free way.
Key Takeaways
Anna is sitting on a beach in Costa Rica as she conducts this interview. The perks of remote work!
Trip introduces today’s guest, Rob!
Rob’s motto is ‘Waste Not’ and he had a vision for his company about building a distributed community of the world’s best creative talent a little over two years ago.
What does it really mean to ‘waste not’?
You can transition into a work model where you can work with people you actually want to work with, instead of who you’re forced to work with because of ‘availability.’
Group of Humans has no employees; they are a community that picks and chooses how to work on a project and not be wasteful of other people’s time.
How does Rob select the types of people to join the community and collaborate with?
How does Rob empower his humans to make decisions and collaborate on a project?
Rob shares some best practices they use to keep everyone on the same page despite being located all over the world.
At first, Rob did not enjoy remote work and missed the office, but he soon saw the benefits like being able to see the youngest of his children walk for the first time. He missed that with his older children by not being home.
Clients are surprised by how fast the humans are able to turn work around in a distributed environment. If you’re having resistance towards remote work from the client, Rob explains why it all comes down to educating the buyer.
How do you set the expectations that you’re not going to be available 24/7 on these real-time communication tools like Slack?
Rob shares how his humans manage time zone challenges.
What resources did Rob lean on to develop this company and build this unique culture?
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Special Guest: Rob Noble.

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