ASCP Esty Talk
ASCP Esty Talk
Jul 1, 2020
Ep 16 - ASCP Esty Talk: A Platform for Understanding—Inequalities in Esthetics - Part 2
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It’s time for an overdue conversation about systemic racism within the professional skin care industry. Recent events have inspired reflection on the role ASCP may have unknowingly played. As part of our reconciliation with this, we are providing our fellow estheticians and skin care experts a platform to discuss the inequalities and injustices they have experienced and explore proposed changes as it relates to the profession and the skin care clients we serve. 

Join ASCP Executive Director Tracy Donley and Ella Cressman, licensed esthetician and fellow ASCP podcaster as they engage in some incredible stories shared by JoElle Lee and Toshiana Baker about their unique journeys into to the world of beauty. Listen and even relate as they share the challenges they’ve endured and the successes they’ve achieved along the way. Both of these women are successful estheticians that just happen to be African American.  


JoElle Lee

A highly respected skin care expert, educator ,and celebrity esthetician, JoElle Lee is the author of Esthetician on a Mission: Business Building Workbook and co-author of Multicultural Skin Treatments: Learn How to Effectively Treat Skin of Color Using Chemical Peels and Laser Treatments, which has become a trusted guide for treating diverse client populations.

In addition to being featured in numerous national consumer publications and a guest on radio programs around the country, JoElle is recognized for being the former personal esthetician to First Lady Michelle Obama during her time in the White House.

JoElle specializes in no-downtime chemical peel treatments, customized corrective facial treatments, and a wide range of laser treatments for skin of color. JoElle feels there is a gap in basic esthetic training and education when it comes to treating clients of color.

She has dedicated her career to creating innovative treatment methods that address the most common skin conditions of these clients that have proven to deliver long-lasting results without the worry of complications and downtime. 

JoElle takes a natural "inside-out" integrative approach by combining noninvasive treatments and products without harmful chemicals to achieve healthy beautiful skin, and "Beautiful Skin Begins Within" is the premise on which JoElle Lee's treatments and methods are founded.

JoElle feels there is a gap in basic esthetics training when preparing estheticians to work in the skin care industry, especially for those who want to have their own business.

Over the years, JoElle has helped many estheticians and small businesse owners in the industry to solve complex problems and increase their bottom lines. With her straightforward, no-nonsense approach, JoElle's philosophy is to uncover the learned negative beliefs or negative thinking that has created a barrier or obstacle in your business, and then tear that wall down. She then uncovers the hidden assets, underperforming activities, and undervalued possibilities of your business. 

JoElle teaches effective and profitable marketing strategies and how to stand out from the competition. Many of her ideas and strategies have been implemented and resulted in not only increased profits, but a more diverse loyal clientele. 

JoElle's path to becoming an esthetician was inspired by another professional in the field. As someone who always had a passion for beauty and a desire to serve others, she recognized that a career in esthetics would allow her to marry both of her passions.

More than 20 years later, that hunch proved correct. Today, JoElle can be found conducting personalized skin care consultations, serving as keynote speaker at industry events, teaching classes around the country on the topic of multicultural skin, and sharing her expertise via her webinars, online courses, and social media channels.



Facebook Group: JoElle Lee Advanced Esthetics Training & Classes



Toshiana Baker

Toshiana Baker has served the spa, beauty, and wellness industries internationally as an esthetician and educator for nearly 15 years. A passionate organizational leader, dynamic speaker, and bestselling author, she has held a variety of industry leadership roles, including director of esthetics for a 30-location corporate spa organization, regional account and education executive for a leading cosmetic and brow artistry brand, and global director of education for a renowned skin care, cosmetics and fragrance brand.

Applying her rich expertise as a spa and wellness expert, Toshiana founded SpaWorx in 2016, a consulting and training development agency to educate, enlighten, and empower spa, beauty, and wellness organizations, as well as support growth in their financial performance. SpaWorx has happily served a range of clients—from solo estheticians to large global beauty corporations.

In addition to her consulting agency, she volunteers as a commissioner and executive secretary for the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). She is also a contributing author and subject-matter expert for the Pivot Point International textbook for foundational esthetics curriculum.

Toshiana will excitedly open membership for the Network of Multi-Cultural Spa and Wellness Professionals (NMSWP) later this summer. NMSWP is a professional platform dedicated to “the promotion, uplift, and edification of underrepresented spa and wellness professionals across all disciplines to create a community of professionals with access to resources, education, and opportunities, while demonstrating through our work our commitment to excellence and the highest quality in our vocation.” Through this network, Toshiana envisions a community that is better equipped, aligned, and supported in furthering the mission of being well and whole while fostering global healing and wellness.





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