Anti-Aging Hacks
Anti-Aging Hacks
Dec 2, 2021
How You Can Soon Reverse Your Age And Live In A 25 Year Old Body: Sergey Young
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On this fascinating episode, Sergey Young shares with Faraz Khan how we will fight and reverse aging through the use of science and technology. 

He shares his three horizons which lay out practical tips you can use now as you prepare for a future of anti-aging and longevity.

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Here are some of the key points I discuss with Sergey:

- Sergey Young's background and how he got into investing in longevity

- How you can live to a 100, just using technology available now

- How the near horizon of technologies (in next 10-20 years) can allow you to break the sound barrier of longevity (live past 122)

- How technologies of the future will augment our bodies and allow us to be supernatural

- Will you be able to reverse age and live in YOUR 25 year old body (and when?)

To get the full show notes of this fantastic discussion, go to

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