Fresh AiR
Answers In Reason
‘Fresh AiR’ is a podcast, hosted by Joe, Martijn and Dave, and has taken over as the main podcast on Answers in Reason. Fresh AiR hopes to bring a fresh perspective on a number of topics you might hear from the atheist community. Philosophy, Psychology and Science are our primary topics but these cross over into the realms of religion, pseudoscience, and conspiracy theories too. SciPhi is the live recorded YouTube steam from the folks that brought you Fresh AiR, with new guests and another way to look at things. SciPhi Shortz are short episodes circa 5 minutes designed to break down common misconceptions and explain topics in a concise and informative way. There is obviously more to these topics, in most cases, than can be explained in 5 minutes but these are a good start. About Answers in Reason Our readers & listeners are usually those who like to think about and question everything. We hope to provide enough information in the shows, with references in the show notes to help everyone understand the topic better, but if there is anything anyone is unclear on they can always shoot us a message.
Fresh AiR
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