Soul of Innovation
Soul of Innovation
Jun 27, 2021
Episode 125: Your fantasies can become your reality
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Do you ever see someone or something and start to imagine yourself being with them or driving that car or wearing those clothes. Your fantasy is your mind's way of having fun and keeping you hungry for more in life but wouldn't it better for it to actually be real.

That moment that you find yourself fantasizing over something or someone asks yourself what little thing can I do right now can make this a reality.

All it takes is you to realize that your thoughts are in your mind so that they can become real for you. Your mind is giving you a glimpse o who you can be if you choose to be it.

The next time you fantasize, the next time you dream of what if, tell yourself why not and what must I do right now to make it real.

Your life, your moments, your fantasies, your reality...they are all the same and are there for your pleasure.

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