Soul of Innovation
Soul of Innovation
May 11, 2018
How we treat each other, especially your customers, like family, is mandatory - Soul of Innovation
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In one week, I had two customer service experiences that were polar opposites of one another. Truly, the secret sauce to succeeding in any job, with an idea, with life itself, is how we treat people.  Employees forget that when are in a store, they are now the customer.  That they want assistance and kindness when they need it.  That their time is valuable and that the employees must put up with their moods.  What happens that we don't realize that has always been both the employee and customer?  We're interesting, aren't we?!? In this podcast episode, I explain what great customer service is like and also what typical horrible customer service is like. There is no need to worry about a future with Artificial intelligence possibly taking your job if you have forgotten how to be nice to someone. It’s that simple and that important. It’s a bit of a rant but so important to listen to this podcast. Subscribe: - iTunes / Apple Podcast: - Spotify: - Google Podcasts: - Stitcher: - TuneIn: - Pandora: - iHeart Radio: - Listen Notes: Follow: -
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