Straight Up
Straight Up
2 oct. 2020
Ed Sheeran manager Stuart Camp on the pressures of fame, fans and when Ed almost died
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What strange clauses does Ed Sheeran insist are in his management contract? What is the one unexpected item he asks for on his rider? And what really happened at Russell Crowe's house in Australia? (Clue: it involves a field of snakes.)

Stuart Camp, longterm manager to the world's most successful male recording artist, talks to Straight Up about what it's like to be Ed Sheeran's right-hand man. Stuart, who cut his teeth managing James Blunt, Lily Allen and The Darkness, is so close to Ed the star calls him dad, and even lived with him for several years.

Stuart reveals how he got his first job in the music business despite being told by his careers advisor that he should become a binman, the one skill you need to be a good manager, how he deals with mad fans and the emotional toll of looking after the physical safety and mental health of one of the world's most famous people.

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