53: How to Attachment
59 min

What’s your attachment style? Which Broadway musical number does it correspond to? Emily and Amelia discuss… and sing.


Episode 52: Trust

Attachment theory

Reaper Incandescent Sisal Light Up Halloween Decor

Candide - Make Our Garden Grow

Brené with Emily and Amelia Nagoski on Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle

How to Be an Adult: A Handbook for Psychological and Spiritual Integration

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The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast
The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast
Shannon Crow
196: 4 Steps to Attract Yoga Students with Steph Crowder
The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast 196: 4 Steps to Attract Yoga Students with Steph Crowder Description: Attracting yoga students to our yoga classes is something we could all use help with. We are also coming up to one of the biggest times for yoga students to sign up for classes - January. This is when people make their New Year resolutions and want to "get back to their routine" or "take care of their emotional and physical wellness". That’s why it’s so important for us to put our offers out there in front of all these people, and having a simple process can help you get started - Steph Crowder (she/her) has an easy and actionable 4-step process to share. Steph Crowder is the Founder & CEO of Courage & Clarity, LLC. She's a former Sales Training Director of a giant tech company who struck out on her own to become a sales coach & business strategist, helping thousands of entrepreneurs across all industries. In 2017, she launched the Courage & Clarity Podcast and grew her business to 6 figures in 9 months. Steph focuses on teaching her clients to sell with ease by building a “small but mighty” community who can’t wait to buy from them through courses, and webinars. Steph is adept at taking a concept like getting more yoga students and breaking it down into easy, actionable steps that you can put into practice immediately. Steph walks us through the 4 steps that will help us to go from an idea for our yoga offer to new registrations and real students. She also explains the biggest mistake that business owners make that keep customers walking right past their offers, and gives us some of her tips to overcome that. If you’re aiming to get more students into your yoga classes in 2021 (or even today!), this is the episode to listen to! Key Takeaways: [6:23] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode - Steph Crowder. [8:12] What is the work that Steph does and who does she do it for? [11:40] Steph's four steps are covered in greater detail in her mini-training, Same Day Sales. [13:27] What is the big mistake many business owners make that keep customers walking past their offers? [16:18] Steph addresses the fact that this process requires some vulnerability. [17:39] Instead of thinking of it as validating your idea, think of this process as co-creating your offer. [18:52] Step 1: Identify your idea. It doesn't have to be something complex or difficult! [22:55] What comes naturally to you that people are always asking you about? [24:21] Step 2: Locate your leads. Steph has a dirty Internet secret about where your leads are coming from. [28:05] Don't think about this step as pitching your network. Think about it as opening up conversations. [31:33] Step 3: Co-create your offer. Approach this from a place of curiosity. [35:11] Shannon shares a few examples of how co-creating an offer has (and creating offers in a vacuum hasn't) worked for her. [37:54] Shannon and Steph discuss why you should focus on uncovering the pain or pleasure point you are addressing in your co-creation conversations. [38:33] Someone's willingness or unwillingness to pay is a reflection of how well they understand the transformation. [39:27] Step 4: Tweak and book. Steph shares an example of how she used this in her own business. [44:24] Do it scared! You don't need to have a perfect offer before you put it out there. [44:53] What should you do if you follow these steps and you offer doesn't get the traction you're looking for? [46:42] What does Steph recommend if you're sending emails and posting on social media but still not seeing students sign up? [50:01] Check out Steph's podcast, The Courage & Clarity Podcast, to learn more from her. [50:16] Steph has some tips for you around selling. [52:31] Shannon shares her key takeaways from this interview with Steph. Links: * Steph Crowder, Courage & Clarity * Courage & Clarity Podcast * Crickets to Customers * Same Day Sales Mini-Training * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 180: Sticky Note Secret for More Students with Shannon Crow * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 162: Fill Your Yoga Workshop with Mado Hesselink * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 049: Grow Your Yoga Student Base [Part 1] with Shannon Crow * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 050: Grow Your Yoga Student Base [Part 2] with Shannon Crow * Fill Your Classes 3-day Challenge with Amanda McKinney * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 043: Minimum Viable Income with Steph Crowder * The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 177: How to Connect (aka Network) with Natalie Eckdahl * Year on the Wall with Steph Crowder * The Connected Yoga Teachers Facebook Group * Pelvic Health Professionals Gratitude to our Sponsor Schedulicity. Quotes from this episode: "The big mistake that most people make... is creating your offer in a vacuum." - Steph Crowder "The core of the Same Day Sales Process is using real human beings, with real experiences, real problems, real desires to help you shape your offer." - Steph Crowder "Every single person who's listening to this has innate talents and abilities that have been so ingrained in you, you totally don't realize they have value." - Steph Crowder "Personal network is so overlooked!" - Steph Crowder "Where are potential customers hiding in my everyday life that I'm not thinking about right now?" - Steph Crowder "Once you open up the conversation, it is so much easier to get a customer, yes, but also to understand if they're not going to become a customer - why?" - Steph Crowder
57 min
Reading Women
Reading Women
Reading Women
Interview with Leigh Bardugo
In this week’s episode, Kendra and Joce talk to Leigh Bardugo, the author of Ninth House, which is out now in paperback from Flatiron, and The Lives of Saints, which is out from Imprint. Grab one of our totes for 20% off by heading over to our Etsy Store! Thank you to The House of Chanel for sponsoring this episode. Find out more at inside.Chanel.com. Check out our Patreon page to learn more about our book club and other Patreon-exclusive goodies. Follow along over on Instagram, join the discussion in our Goodreads group, and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more new books and extra book reviews! Lutz Get Down to Business We are two cousins from opposite ends of the globe who have way too many opinions about figure skating! So we decided to record ourselves talking about anything and everything that has recently gone down in the skating world. Spotify | Apple Podcasts | Other Platforms Instagram | Twitter Books Mentioned Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo Lives of Saints by Leigh Bardugo Author Bio Leigh Bardugo is the New York Times bestselling author of Ninth House and the creator of the Grishaverse (coming soon to Netflix) which spans the Shadow and Bone Trilogy, the Six of Crows Duology, The Language of Thorns, and the King of Scars duology. Her short stories can be found in multiple anthologies, including Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy. Leigh grew up in Southern California and graduated from Yale University. These days she lives and writes in Los Angeles. Website | Twitter Buy the Book CONTACT Questions? Comments? Email us hello@readingwomenpodcast.com.  SOCIAL MEDIA Reading Women Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Website Music by Isaac Greene Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
44 min
Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison
Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison
Christy Harrison, MPH, RD, CDN
#262: Responding to Diet Talk, Navigating the Stages of Change, and HAES in Spanish-Speaking Communities with Therapist Haica Rosenfeld
Eating-disorders therapist Haica Rosenfeld joins us to discuss how her father’s binge eating and bariatric surgery affected her own relationship with food and body, strategies for responding to diet talk, the Stages of Change as they relate to anti-diet messaging, bringing HAES to Spanish-speaking communities, and so much more. Plus, in “Ask Food Psych,” Christy answers a listener question about why it’s considered harmful for someone who struggles with an eating disorder to lose weight, but not for their ED-free sibling to gain weight. Dr. Haica Rosenfeld is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist and Approved Supervisor by the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals. She specializes in the treatment of Eating Disorders, Disordered Eating, Body Image Healing and has worked with clients at all stages of recovery for over 12 years. Haica has a passion and calling for helping those who struggle with disordered eating, chronic dieting, emotional overeating, and Binge Eating Disorder and believes in prioritizing health-promoting-behaviors without focusing on weight loss. Her work incorporates a non-diet and weight-inclusive approach to wellness and whole health, which aims to honor and nourish the mind, body and spirit. She believes in the power of Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Body Appreciation practices, and is informed by Health at Every Size® (HAES®) and Intuitive Eating principles. Haica currently works in private practice and has an office in Aventura, FL. She offers in-person and Telehealth psychotherapy to residents of Florida, Vermont and Venezuela, her country of origin. She is dedicated to helping individuals heal their relationship with food, exercise, and their bodies, as well as disrupting the internalized messages they’ve received from diet culture. She also often offers group therapy, as she deeply believes in the healing power of community. Find her online at HaicaRosenfeld.com. If you're ready to break free from diet culture once and for all, come check out Christy's Intuitive Eating Fundamentals online course. Christy's book, Anti-Diet, is available wherever you get your books. Order online at christyharrison.com/book, or at local bookstores across North America, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Grab Christy's free guide, 7 simple strategies for finding peace and freedom with food, for help getting started on the anti-diet path. For full show notes and a transcript of this episode, go to christyharrison.com/foodpsych. Ask your own question about intuitive eating, Health at Every Size, or eating disorder recovery at christyharrison.com/questions.
1 hr 32 min
Fare of the Free Child
Fare of the Free Child
Akilah S. Richards
Ep 197: A Deschooling Word About Boundaries, Babies, and Business Trelani Michelle (of Krak Teet) on dating, parenting, and professional pursuits
This week on #fofcpod, we're talking about boundaries - ways to affirm them, and ways to honor the development of boundaries as they show up, shift us, and determine so many elements of how we show up in our bodies and in our relationships. Listen in as Trelani Michelle, our modern-day Zora Neale Hurston, offers some sweet and insightful storytelling about the recognition and re-affirming of her boundaries in her work, her parenting practice, and in her dating life. Trelani also shares the origins of her celebrated project, Krak Teet: A Catalog of Savannah’s Black-in-the-Day Biographies that centers the life experiences of native Gullah Geechee elders from 1920 on through to 1970. *WHAT WE DISCUSS* *How shedding/deschooling ain’t just about habits, but can also include relationships.* Trelani and Akilah talk about the shedding elements of deschooling. Shedding, in essence, is about stopping certain established patterns or norms that are out of alignment with what you’re learning about your authentic self -- your thoughts, your  body, your actions, and what best suits your healing and liberation process. Trelani’s deschooling process led to many shifts, including divorce. It also aligned her with many things, including the 10-fold rewards that came with her decision NOT to conform, but instead to affirm her boundaries. *Teaching with Consent* They also talk about some of the dynamics around teaching and learning and how those dynamics support a deeper layer of understanding and acceptance that doesn’t compromise each other’s boundaries. Trelani shares her experience with Kobe, her 11-year-old daughter, and how they are getting acquainted with each other’s boundaries, and developing what Akilah describes as a set of vital life skills that are developed, in practice, over time. *LIBERATION WALK* * Not feeling all the positive, uplifting energies right now? Akilah wrote a short book for you about it. Check it: Perfectly Rational Reasons To Be Okay With Not Being Okay: A Self-Care Guide For Embracing Your Feelings Even When They Are Negative (The Radical Self-Expression eBook Series 1) * Raising Free People Network’s Presence Counselors Leslie Bray and Anthony Galloway, Jr. are here to support unschooling and deschooling processes for families and organizations * Hosting, or are part of, a Raising Free People Book Club? Tell us by emailing Fatima@raisingfreepeople.com with the details about that book club. Akilah would love to come through, right quick! * Subscribe to our Youtube Channel! * Join patreon.com/akilah and help make sure we can do this again and again Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/akilah)
36 min
Ask Kati Anything!
Ask Kati Anything!
Kati Morton
ep.38 "How do you know that you're ready to start talking about your trauma?" AKA
Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything ep38 1. Hey Kati, how do therapists deal with things that trigger their own mental illnesses? I want to be a therapist, but I struggle with anxiety and eating disorders myself and I’m afraid that there will be a patient who triggers me, potentially even to the point of relapse. 2. Hi Kati! Is it weird that I really want to cry in therapy but never can? I’ve always been someone that suppresses and ignores my emotions because I grew up thinking they were a sign of weakness.  Because of this... 3. Good day, Kati! Why do I keep pushing my friends away when I’m in a depressive episode? I know that’s when I need them the most and I need their support, but I just push them away and... 4. How do you know that you're ready to start talking about your trauma? I keep telling myself I'm not ready but what if I just don't want to? A couple of months ago i got some really strong flashbacks from what might have been... 5. Hi Kati! Do you think therapy is necessary for everyone? I spent three years in therapy but I stopped going a few months ago and I feel so much better since I stopped! Is there something wrong with me? I know deep down there is some stuff I... 6. Why can't I tell my parents that I love them or hug them? I obviously do love them but saying that is nearly impossible even though we used to be very affectionate towards each other when I was a child. When my mom tells me she loves... 7. How do I get over the feeling that I’m “faking” it. I feel like a fraud like I’m faking my way through life. I’ve accomplished a lot in life. But I can’t shake the feeling that I’m faking it!!... HELP. Appreciate all you do.Much love 8. Hi Kati! Is it normal to feel like I need to prepare a lot before therapy? Before each session, I read through my journals and think about everything I want to say, as well as how I will answer any potential questions that my therapist might ask... 9. Can someone be resistant to therapy because one sees through the strategies of the therapist so that they don't work? 10. Hey Kati.  I’m 19 years old and in the last few years, I’ve found myself getting strongly attached to female figures who are older than me. It’s almost like I’ve got a little hole inside of me and... *Connecting with Kati* * *Are u ok? *Kati's book is in stores now * *Kati's Amazon Suggestions* * *PATREON** *is a great way* *to help me support the creation of mental health videos. * *Journaling Club* - On Tuesday & Friday Kati posts a journal prompt to help keep you motivated and working on yourself!  *Opinions That Don't Matter!* (Kati's second podcast) * *video version*  * *audio version* *ONLINE THERAPY** *I do not currently offer online therapy.  BetterHelp can connect you with a licensed, online counselor. I receive commissions on referrals to BetterHelp. I only recommend services I know and trust. *BUSINESS EMAIL*  linnea@toneymedia.com *MAIL*  PO Box #665 1223 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403 *PLEASE READ* If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please call a local emergency telephone number or go immediately to the nearest emergency room. Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/katimorton)
1 hr
The Montessori Notebook podcast :: a Montessori parenting podcast with Simone Davies
The Montessori Notebook podcast :: a Montessori parenting podcast with Simone Davies
Simone Davies, Montessori teacher and parent
S1 E12 Your Montessori questions answered by me
Happy to be back with another Q&A episode. So many valuable questions, it was hard to choose! I've selected the most commonly asked questions as well as a few less often asked but useful to answer as I haven't seen them often discussed elsewhere. In this episode I answer your questions about: * when you learn about Montessori, make some changes, and things seem to be getting worse rather than better * how much to let our children play independently and how much to do together like cooking, playing football together etc * how much to show our child how to play with an activity vs letting them explore for themselves * a child who has never put away toys and when asked says, "you do it" * training to become a Montessori teacher * whether picture to picture matching is a Montessori activity or not * ideas for integrating Montessori into the early infant days * dealing with a toddler who is avoiding bedtime and using every excuse and getting up constantly * not interfering with the child and observing them, but feeling like they could be doing something more interesting or meaningful themselves * dealing with family who buy lots of battery-powered toys without being ungrateful * what to do when friends have battery-powered toys and merchandised toys that you don't allow them at home * how to arrange a sleeping area for a newborn and 3 year old * what I recommend as a crash course for beginners * applying Montessori with children with special needs, ie, physical and learning difficulties * what type of children Montessori is best for * how to talk to a family member who cares for your infant but is not in agreement with the Montessori approach * talking with a young child about upcoming medical procedures, scars etc * finding space for Montessori with a 4 year old and 6 month old in a small space * what to do when your 18-month old keeps getting to the sink to play with water * dealing with a child screaming with frustration So many fun questions, right? I hope you all find some useful answers to your Montessori questions. Sadly this episode of the podcast is the last of Season 1. That went by so quick! I don't yet have a date for Season 2, but if you'd like to be kept up to date, be sure to subscribe here to receive my regular e-newsletter with the latest news and always packed full of Montessori inspiration. And in the meantime, there are also lots of podcast episodes in this season to listen to or revisit, you can follow me on Instagram, check out the blog and free resources, and there are lots of online courses to explore too. Til Season 2! Watch this space... *Links from this episode * Click here for full show notes: https://www.themontessorinotebook.com/your-montessori-questions-answered-2/ Want even more Montessori inspiration? - website: themontessorinotebook.com/the-montessori-notebook-podcast - instagram: instagram.com/themontessorinotebook - facebook: facebook.com/themontessorinotebook - my online courses: themontessorinoteb<
1 hr 2 min
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