How to Add to Your Life
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How can we develop more ease and authenticity inside ourselves? How can we build more capacity and resilience to face current and future difficulties?

And what if, the same methods for adding to our lives created better relationships and more effective leadership?

How much would you pay for this? But wait, don’t answer…

This episode is full of just the sort of conversation and questions you’d hear if you were hanging out with us in the kitchen. Kelly and I regularly rassle with these ideas around healthy personal growth, uplifting relationships and inclusive, sustainable community. We get pretty agitated about the topic and the possibilities and sometimes Bill the Cat has to come in from the living room to yell at us to quiet down.

Or maybe he’s just agreeing loudly. It’s hard to tell

We offer up this conversation with both great passion and great humility. Our passion comes from all the years we’ve been working through these ideas personally and professionally. Our humility comes from the fact that we are very human and are working through all of this ourselves. We are doing our best not to preach or lecture [though it might sound like it sometimes - we do get excited], but we think there’s something good and powerful in facing these uncomfortable truths and we want to talk it through with you, together.



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