#37 Néstor Serra | Alberto Crane Show
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Néstor Serra Verdaguer, TACFIT® International Educational Director. Néstor has been in the fitness and sports industry for over three decades. His career path has led him to work with an array of clients including athletes and instructors. A movement specialist, he also trains movement professionals. By helping increase their knowledge, the coaches in turn can better help others. In 2016, his dedication ranked him Best Coach in Spain for his educational work and influence in fitness and healthy habits. For the past eight years he has been collaborating with TACFIT®, leading the legions of Spain and Portugal under the umbrella of the Iberian Legion. With his in-depth understanding of the different TACFIT® training modules, he has led and trained fifteen highly skilled Team Leaders and more than one hundred instructors. The education system implemented has been the example of many legions around the world. Nestor is the country’s leader of StrongFirst® and Head Master Trainer of Ybell Fitness. He is also the director and co-creator of Hypopressive RSF (functional systemic reprograming), a postural method born in postpartum therapy. The method was developed in different programs and effective for the prevention, treatment and improvement of both postural and pelvic dysfunctions and high sports performance. There are over ten thousand physiotherapists and five thousand trainers who practice the method in Canada, Brazil, USA, UK, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and over more than thirty countries around the world. Néstor says, “My understanding of training is based on detecting the needs of the body to make it more functional. It is imperative to gauge how the body can move effectively and efficiently in any situation, in the face of any challenge, voluntary or not, circumstantial or frequent. This concept is what I aim to convey to my students, clients and athletes, and thus help to improve people's lives.”
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