Reversing The Direction Of Your Vibration - Abraham Hicks
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Mind Love ♡ Modern Mindfulness
Mind Love ♡ Modern Mindfulness
Melissa Monte | Mindset Mentor
We will learn: How to recognize an epiphany The stages of every life-changing epiphany How to utilize our epiphanies to their highest potentials. Have you ever had an epiphany? Do you even know what one is? We usually use it to mean a sudden revelation or insight… and most of the time I hear it used in those lightbulb moments of creativity… kinda like an “aha” moment. But I’m coming to learn it goes a little deeper. The dictionary definition is a sudden, intuitive perception of or insight into the reality or essential *meaning* of something, usually initiated by some simple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience. And the word “epiphany” dates all the way back to ancient Greece. It comes from the Greek “epiphaneia,” meaning “appearance” or “manifestation,” and was usually referred to the revelations brought to us by the gods. So it’s not just about a random insight… it’s an intuition realization about the the deeper meaning of something. Which I believe is our whole purpose in being in a body in this lifetime. To find the meaning in our lives. Our guest is Elise Ballard. She is the author of the book, Epiphany: True Stories of Sudden Insight and Epiphany: The Journal, which are all part of her Epiphany Project, a collection of interviews with people from all walks of life about their greatest epiphanies.  She is now considered an “epiphany expert” so I’m super stoked at the insights we’ll get from today’s episode. Sign up for Mind Love Premium here. Show Notes: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
56 min
Highest Self Podcast
Highest Self Podcast
Sahara Rose
348: Discover Your Dharma with Sahara Rose
I’ve been on so many incredible podcasts to share my new book Discover Your Dharma and wanted to share one of my favorite interviews by my friend Shannon Algeo of SoulFeed Podcast. In this conversation, he interviews me on my new book and we go deep into various topics including path of least vs most resistance, types of resistance, Dharma Archetypes, sharing your story and more. Snag my new book Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose and receive exclusive free bonuses, meditations, tapping + my Dharma Embodiment Practice: Try the Green Tara Goddess Circle Take my Dharma Archetype Quiz at Join Rose Gold Goddesses, the sacred sisterhood collective all about embodying the Goddess within at Receive up to $2250 off tuition off my alma mater Institute for Integrative Nutrition, plus my How To Create a Thriving Business Coach Webinar and other exclusive bonuses by signing up and listing my name as your referral! Launch your new career today: Intro + Outro Music: Silent Ganges by Maneesh de Moor Connect with me for daily Ayurvedic and modern spiritual wisdom at: Order My Books Eat Feel Fresh + Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda: By accessing this Podcast, I acknowledge that the entire contents are the property of Sahara Rose, or used by Sahara Rose with permission, and are protected under U.S. and international copyright and trademark laws. Except as otherwise provided herein, users of this Podcast may save and use information contained in the Podcast only for personal or other non-commercial, educational purposes. No other use, including, without limitation, reproduction, retransmission or editing, of this Podcast may be made without the prior written permission of the Sahara Rose, which may be requested by contacting This podcast is for educational purposes only. The host claims no responsibility to any person or entity for any liability, loss, or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use, application, or interpretation of the information presented herein.
1 hr 16 min
Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler
Inspire Nation Show with Michael Sandler
Michael Sandler, Jessica Lee
How to Clear Negative Energy - Simplest and Fastest Way with the "Spirit Hacker" Shaman Durek - Plus a Guided Energy Meditation!
Have you been feeling negative energy, but you are not sure what is causing it and what to do? Let us drop the darkness and move toward the light, in this Spirit Hacking show for you. Today I’ll be speaking with Shaman Durek, a 6th generation shaman and author, activist, and women’s empowerment leader, a new best homie, though he doesn’t know it yet, and author of my absolute favorite spirit book of the year, Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys to Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself, and Light Up the World That is just what I want to speak with him about today, about Shamanic keys to reclaim your power, come out of the dark, and light up the world. That plus we’ll talk about bread and circuses, temporary spirit blindness, Martin Luther King, a love beach and bone free hands, shamanic harmonic ninja sorcery, and what in the world a white stork sitting on your head has to do with anything. Key Points Discussed: * When did spirits first start visiting you? (03:19) * The challenges he had growing up with his father and the one thing that helped him become a rebel (04:21) * Getting seizures in a jungle in Belize and the experience of crossing over to the other side (06:39) * How we are multidimensional beings and every universe and planet is a living dream (17:54) * Rejoicing in the choice to be a loving interruption in people’s lives (21:00) * What are bobbleheads and what in the world is darkness? (22:50) * The “Oh Goody” factor and what being a being of light is all about (31:39) * How the consciousness of reality is based on how we see it (39:43) * What’s a BVP (Biggest Victim on the Planet) and what’s the danger of playing this game? (43:15) * The concept that life has to be hard and we have to suffer in order to have a good life (49:20) * Breaking away from the perception people have about how a shaman should be (55:53) * Cherishing our gift, giving everything to it, and being around people who recognize the diamond in us (57:20) To find out more visit: * * * - Spirit Hacking by Shaman Durek * ……. Follow Michael and Jessica’s exciting journey and get even more great tools, tips, and behind-the-scenes access. Go to For free meditations, weekly tips, stories, and similar shows visit: We’ve got NEW Merch! - Follow Inspire Nation, and the lives of Michael and Jessica, on Instagram - Find us on TikTok -
1 hr 11 min
My Seven Chakras With AJ
My Seven Chakras With AJ
Aditya Jaykumar (AJ)
Darkness Retreats: Produce Natural DMT And Strengthen Your Intuition with Suta Guy Rawson
(Want to experience a Free Qigong for Self Healing training? Check this out ** ( ) ) Have you ever been to a Dark Room Retreat?... On this episode, we conduct an in-depth discussion on a variety of topics that include darkness retreats, sacred sexuality, tantra and the gift of unconditional love.... Darkroom retreats have been used by a variety of spiritual traditions throughout the centuries as a higher-level practice. The aspirant enters a room specially prepared to admit absolutely no light and spends a number of days under this sensory deprivation in order to bring about a profound shift of consciousness. Our guest for today, Suta Guy Rawson has over 25 years experience in the healing arts and has lead workshops and trainings in 15 countries. He offers transformational coaching to individuals and couples. He is passionate about ‘the Breath’ as a divine gift for helping us to ground, connect, open and expand, and is currently pioneering work with the healing power of Darkness retreats. He is known for his friendly and down-to-earth approach, as well as being highly experienced in Tantra, Meditation and sacred sexuality. To learn more about Suta, visit Please take 5 minutes to fill in our annual My Seven Chakras podcast survey. I'd love your feedback and inputs to make our show better: ** ( ) (I'll give u a free ticket to our next Breathwork Intro workshop) ✅ Free 40 minute Breathwork training: ** ( ) ✅ Recommended Breathwork Course: ** ( ) ✅ Recommended Breathwork Instructor Program: ** ( ) ✅ Free Qigong training for self healing: ** ** ( ) ✅ Join our Facebook Group to be notified about our upcoming Breathwork circles, visit ** ( ) ✅ To claim your Free audiobook credit and start listening to your next audiobook, visit ** ( ) ✅ To learn more about AJ, visit ** ( ) ✅ Subscribe on Youtube: ** ( ) Podcast Recording Equipment: ✅ Podcast microphone: ** ( ) ✅ Webcam: ** ( ) ✅ Best affordable apps for small business owners: ** ( ) You can do it! Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
1 hr 31 min
EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips
EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips
Lacy Phillips, Jill Wintersteen, Spirit Daughter
Ep. 129 - Alexis Smart Flower Remedies on Unblocking & Cultivating Worthiness
This is an extra exciting episode today as we are announcing a new product collaboration: the Unblocked Flower Remedy by TBM x Alexis Smart Flower Remedies! Today Alexis Smart, a classical homeopath and Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, joins Lacy on the podcast to discuss the new Unblocked Remedy! In the episode, they dive into the backstory behind the collaboration and the success they have found with flower remedies. They also cover homeopathy, neuroscience, personality types, pregnancy and how to heal old wounds. We created this remedy specifically for our TBM community to help cultivate worthiness, clarity, optimism, and more. Enjoy! Find the Complete Show Notes Here -> In This Episode We Talk About: * TBM and Alexis Smart’s new partnership! * A deep dive into the TBM and Alexis’ new flower remedy: Unblocked * The best advice for healing in 2021 * Alexis’ journey to becoming a flower remedy and homeopathy expert * The neuroscience behind how flower remedies affect behavior * How to repair trauma and grief and the importance of reparenting * Homeopathy to treat effects of pregnancy: nausea and postpartum depression * Energetics of home births and C-sections * Specific flower remedies and what they are used for * How Alexis designs and produces her remedies * Flower remedies for pets and children!Get the Unblocked Remedy Here! Resources: * The Pathway 2.0 - (12-month commitment) - Looking To Start Your Membership? Use code EXPANDED for $20 off your first month of the Pathway 2.0 or $20 off any 2.0 ala carte * A la Carte Workshops 2.0 * The Forest Retreat * Book Your Stay * Instagram: @theforestretreathouse * Newsletter * Text Us: +1-213-423-5226 - (texting is only for US, Canada, & Puerto Rico) * Ask a Manifestation Questions & Get a Voice Note from the Coaches for $25! * Book a Session with the TBM Coaches In The Episode: * Alexis Smart UNBLOCKED Remedy * Expanded x Ep. 24 - Alexis Smart, Flower Remedies * TBM Inner Child Calendar * Old Blog post for remedies to pair with workshops * First Aid Kit Remedy * Unburden Remedy * My Personal Assistant Remedy * Whole Hearted Remedy * Remedies for Kids * Dr. Luc De Schepper * Helios Homeopathy * Alexis Smart Newsletter for winter / flu remedies * Find All Workshops inside The Pathway 2.0 - (12-month commitment) - Looking To Start Your Membership? Use code EXPANDED for $20 off your first month of the Pathway 2.0 or $20 off any 2.0 ala carte * * Updated How To Manifest * Updated Unblocked Inner Child * Updated Unblocked Shadow * NEW The Daily Practice * NEW Unblocked Boundaries * Free Clarity Exercise * The Motivation * Join the New Community Group * Supported Where To Find Alexis! * @AlexisSmartFlowerRemedies * Submit * Submit to Be a Process Guest * Leave a Review 5-star review for a chance to win a 1-year membership to The Pathway 2.0. Then tune into future episodes to hear your review announced! If you win send us a message on Intercom to claim it.
1 hr 38 min
Manifesting Success Stories A Law of Attraction Show
Manifesting Success Stories A Law of Attraction Show
Cassie Parks
Ep. #252: How to Manifest More
The best way to manifest more money (or anything) is to honor what you've manifested. Have you ever intended money for something, and then when it shows up, you use it for something else? Have you ever intended to manifest money, and as soon as the money shows up, you say, "But it's not enough?" Have you ever intended to manifest money and then not tracked it to see if it's come in? Most people are better at manifesting money than they realize. What they aren't good at is honoring what's been manifested. Kimberly did all that in the past, and when she started in the Enchanted Circle, she learned how to do it differently. Join your host Cassie Parks and her guest, Kimberly Hite, for episode 2 of 7 in Kimberly’s journey during 2020. Kimberly Hite has recently gained the courage to step into the title of magical artist. She joined the Enchanted Circle because she had experienced moderate success on her own but wanted more. By sharing her experience, she intends to inspire others on their journey to the happiness everyone deserves. 00:35: Kimberly shares how awesome it is that she moved her studio to her home. She also talks about how she has manifested so many things off her Manifest $10K list, including a pool. 01:20: Cassie asks about Kimberly manifesting over $10K before starting Manifest $10K and why Kimberly got a different assignment than anyone else in the Enchanted Circle. 02:37: Cassie talks about the slow, quick way of manifesting and how clarifying what you want allows you to manifest faster. 03:11: Kimberly and Cassie talk about how Kimberly was trying to manifest money for things she was already taking care of and how she had to get clear about what she wanted to manifest. 03:50: Cassie talks about how as people upgrade their money story, they can then see their $10K list as extra money that they get to invest in what they want to. 04:15: Kimberly talks about how much space was created when she did two $10K lists and how easy it has been to manifest money. 04:44: Cassie talks about how she had Kimberly separate her personal $10K list from her business $10K list. Then, she had Kimberly figure out what the return on her investments would be once she manifested what was on her business $10K list. 05:20: Kimberly discusses what an eye-opener it was to see her return on investment and was amazed at what her income would be from selling what she invested in. 06:15: Cassie talks about how she coached Kimberly on where she should put some money that came into her life. 06:58: Kimberly discusses how she manifested her pool by following inspiration, saved $300, and then used that $300 to fill the pool with water. 08:33: Cassie asks Kimberly about the most significant difference between doing Manifest $10K on her own versus doing it with coaching, and Kimberly admits that she is getting bigger numbers. 09:00: Kimberly admits that the two times she did Manifest $10K on her own, she got laid off from work both times, and she manifested her $10K from her unemployment each time. She then talks about how it didn't go any farther than that and how she now realizes she needed Cassie's help to get to the next level. 10:30: Kimberly and Cassie talk about how Kimberly had manifested more than she ever thought possible and is already close to $60K when, in her last interview, she was looking forward to passing the $50K mark. 11:02: Cassie asks Kimberly how it feels to manifest big money so quickly. Kimberly discusses how that is how much money she used to make in a year working full time, she has manifested it in 2 months, and she cannot believe that she is the person who can do it. 12:05: Cassie talks about how it is fun to be a coach and see how people grow. 12:11: Cassie talks about how Kimberly is about halfway through Manifest $10K's last trimester, and she has manifested $62,370.71. Then, Kimberly talks about how excited she is to reach the $100,000 mark and knows that she can get there. 12:48: Cassie talks about what happens when you start writing a new money story and how it continues to change as long as you continue to do the work. 13:13: Cassie asks Kimberly what that number makes her feel about her business and what she now sees is possible in her business. Kimberly talks about how she had a breakthrough and how she now feels like she can have a successful business. 14:05: Kimberly goes on to talk about how grateful she is for showing up and doing the work, how she now knows that anything is possible, and how excited she is about knowing her dreams are going to come true. 14:50: Cassie asks Kimberly about when she started her business, if she thought it would be successful, and then remembers that Kimberly thought that she needed the business to be crafty. Kimberly talks about how the business gave her permission and validation to be crafty and how she never realized that being crafty could be a business on its own. 16:20: Kimberly discusses that through Cassie's coaching, she has become so much clearer about what she wants to create and that she doesn't know if she would have figured that out without joining the Enchanted Circle. 16:40: Kimberly talks about how in the past, she would do a lot of things just in the hopes of making money whether she wanted to do it or not, and how now she only does the orders she wants to do. 17:40: Cassie talks about how Kimberly doing what she wants will create more money in her life and asks Kimberly about her scrapbooking opportunity. 18:12: Kimberly talks about how she ended up interviewing for the scrapbooking job and how she decided it didn't feel right during the interview process. She admits that she was initially excited because she was offered an opportunity she didn't think was possible, but then, as it became more of a reality, it started not to feel good. Kimberly talks about how she is completely okay with them not getting back to her about the job and is grateful to recognize that she no longer wanted the opportunity because it didn't feel right. 19:39: Cassie discusses how Kimberly says no to things in her life and how that has opened up more things that she wants to say yes to. 20:13: Kimberly talks about the power of saying no, what it has opened up to her, and how good it feels to know what makes her happy. 21:16: Cassie talks about how at the beginning of Kimberly's scrapbooking opportunity, she was hoping it would open up other options. Now, Kimberly is choosing to do what she loves, and the possibilities are creating themselves. 22:25: Kimberly talks about how much she loves these interviews because they always help her realize things that she wouldn't otherwise have put together. Cassie then shares why she loves doing the interviews. 23:22: Kimberly talks about how she no longer has to do what she doesn't want to do in hopes of them allowing her to do what she wants later. She now realizes that she can do what she wants right now. 23:42: Cassie talks about how Kimberly was inspired to get rid of her craft studio, and Kimberly discusses how she was stuck, thinking that she has to have a brick and mortar to have a business. Kimberly admits that she was living by a set of rules that weren't hers. Then, she talks about how she decided to move the studio to her house and how she is now figuring out what her business now looks like. 24:54: Kimberly talks about how she no longer has to figure out her business and that she knows that by leaving space, she will get everything she wants from her business while saving money by working from home. 25:44: Kimberly talks about how when she opened the studio, people wanted her to do all kinds of classes, how she ended up doing everything for everyone else, and how she wasn't doing what she wanted because she was focused on bringing money in and not on what she loved. 26:18: Kimberly admits that she wanted a home studio, but she felt like she needed a brick and mortar to succeed. 26:55: Kimberly talks about how much…
34 min
The Adult Chair
The Adult Chair
Michelle Chalfant
245: Finding Balance Through Chinese Medicine with Brodie Welch
To start 2021, we are talking all about simple, hands-on tools and practices that you can incorporate into your life to help you get into your Adult Chair — now and all year long. Today, we’re talking about one of my favorites: Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is a beautiful, holistic view of healthcare that helps us find balance on the emotional, physical and spiritual level. It incorporates acupuncture, herbology, bodywork, movement and diet along with meditation and other grounding practices to bring health to your entire self. At the root of all Chinese medicine practices is the idea that we are interconnected beings and true wellness comes from treating the whole person and not just symptoms. I love this approach! In this episode, I talk with Brodie Welch, an acupuncturist and expert in Chinese medicine. We talk about presence, consciousness and processing emotions along with physical tools such as Qi gong and herbs. You might be surprised by the way these overlap with many of the ideas in The Adult Chair! Listen to discover: * How Chinese medicine helps the body create health by finding balance * How to find patterns and treat them holistically * Why it’s important to look for connections between how you’re feeling and where those feelings manifest in the body * What Qi gong is and its benefits * Simple self-care actions that you can take each day to live more in balance Brodie also walks us through a simple Qi gong exercise on the podcast that will help you get into balance in the moment (and maybe try a new practice you haven’t tried before!). “It’s a way of looking at the world and the body as an ecosystem...Chinese medicine sees the body as this interconnected system of different kinds of energy.” - Brodie Welch “No state of our physicality doesn’t have an emotion that goes with it.” - Brodie Welch “It’s not about treating a condition. It’s about treating a person.” - Brodie Welch “You don’t have to make this giant leap into someone that you’re not...If we can shift a tiny bit today and then the next day, we’re going to find a great change.” - Michelle Chalfant Resources Brodie Welch Website Free Qi Gong Resource Brodie Welch Podcast TAC Gatherings More Adult Chair The Adult Chair Website The Adult Chair Membership The Adult Chair Workshop The Adult Chair Coaching Certification TAC Gatherings Stay Connected Instagram: Facebook: The Adult Chair Facebook Group: YouTube: *** EPISODE CREDITS: If you like this podcast and are thinking of creating your own, consider talking to my producer, Danny Ozment. He helps thought leaders, influencers, executives, HR professionals, recruiters, lawyers, realtors, bloggers, coaches, and authors create, launch, and produce podcasts that grow their business and impact the world. Find out more at
39 min
Tap into The Power of Your Mind using Law of Attraction and Hypnosis Techniques
Tap into The Power of Your Mind using Law of Attraction and Hypnosis Techniques
Victoria Gallagher
#135 - Law of Attraction: Wisdom for BUsiness & Personal Success with Pragito Dove
Power of Your Mind Podcast Episode with Pragito Dove- Law of Attraction: Wisdom for Business & Personal Success In Episode #135, I am talking with Pragito Dove Pragito Dove M.A., is a global authority on Expressive Meditation and founder of the #1 Expressive Meditation Training School in N. America. An internationally recognized Author, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Speaker with over 20 years experience, Pragito helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEO’s align their mindset to allow more peace, time and financial freedom. She shows you how to change your money blueprint, recondition your mind for automatic abundance, and use Spiritual Laws to create real world success. Pragito has shared the stage with such luminaries as John Gray(author of Mars-Venus #1 bestsellers) Panache Desai and MITEN. Her new book the #1 Amazon bestseller “LUNCHTIME ENLIGHTENMENT: Expressive Meditations for Manifesting Peace, Prosperity and Passion” was published in August 2020. Today, Pragito Dove is sharing with us some of her insights on Law of Attraction: Wisdom for Business & Personal Success We talked about: * The Law of Attraction and how her techniques help us attract more of what we want in our lives. * The most important thing to remember about LOA. * How we can transform hurt and fear into love and joy. * Why we keep attracting the wrong peopl. * How to deliberately change our vibration so we attract more love. * Why we keep going round the same scenario with money and bump up against our glass ceiling. * How meditation helps with LOA – particularly the Laughter Meditation. She can be found on: Website: Facebook: "Lunchtime Enlightenment: Expressive Meditations For Manifesting Peace, Passion and Prosperity" August 2020. #1 Amazon bestseller. "Laughter, Tears, Silence" (New World Library 2011) * * * * * Victoria Gallagher is a worldwide leader in Hypnotherapy, a #1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Life Success Coach, and Renowned Authority on the Law of Attraction. She has dedicated her life to empowering people all over the world to successfully live a life of liberty, aligned with their dreams through her effective meditative recordings and online courses. With the new HypnoCloud iOS app, you can achieve the wealth you desire, be healthy and fit, have the career you want, live the lifestyle of which you dream, and reach spiritual fulfillment. Download HypnoCloud from the App Store now: Get it on Google Play For our listeners who found us on Power of Your Mind Podcast, go to and sign up for your Free Self-Hypnosis Video Training Course. Also First Time Customers get 35% off Your First Order of Hypnosis Downloads when you use the code "PODCAST" in your shopping cart at: Learn more about Victoria Gallagher and her new book Practical Law of Attraction at: If you enjoyed today's episode, please leave us a review!
51 min
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