Lost Spaces
Lost Spaces
Aug 10, 2022
"He Took Me To My First Gay Club" - with Jonathan Marotto from the Yaaas Bro Podcast
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You know how when you were a baby gay and you had to someone pluck up every single shred of courage within you in order to make that first visit to your local queer bar, and how you had to go through the emotional acrobats just to make that first step through the front door?

Well.... my guest this week DIDN'T have that experience at all! 

In fact, bucking all trends and being in a long-term relationship that started when he was 16... Which means he was introduced to clubbing by his boyfriend, and didn't have to do all of that awkward small talk and flirting with strangers that made the rest of us want to shrivel up and disappear in to the beer-soaked carpet... 

So that means that this week's guest, Jonathan Marotto, from the Yaaas Bro podcast, has a really different perspective on his early days of clubbing and how they shaped him. 

We caught up to talk about the Miami under-age club 'Diskotekka', and along the way we discuss how Lady Gaga helped with his coming out, breaking up, getting back together, and then breaking up again.... and I get some tips on how to convince your classmates that you're totally, totally 'masc'... 

Do you have any memories of Diskoteka, or clubbing from your own queer scene that you want to share? Well, if you have please get in touch - I want to create the biggest online record of people's memories and stories - go to www.lostspacespodcast.com and find the section 'Share a Lost Space' and tell me what you got up to! Bonus points for embarrassing photos!

You can also find me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/lostspacespod), Instagram (www.instagram.com/lostspacespod) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/lostspacespod)

Find out more about Jonathan by visiting  his website https://www.yaaasbro.com/,  or follow him on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/yaaas.bro/

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