Five Inspirational Quotes To Get Started
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We all need motivation. Many a times in our lives we need motivation for different reasons.

  • Sometimes we need motivation to develop a new habit, sometimes we need it to overcome an old habit.
  • Sometimes, we need motivation to keep going and sometimes we need motivation to get out of a troubled relationship that is no longer worth it!
  • Sometimes, we need motivation to leave our job and start something of our own; and at other times we need motivation to stay-put in the dream we cherish despite failures and rejections.

What will motivate us at different points in our lives will vary, however, I am sharing few of my all-time favorite quotes about getting started. These quotes are part of my research over the years and perspective which keeps evolving over a period of time. 

#1 The best time to start anything is now! Proverb

Explanation – It’s human nature to put off things unless they are very sure about it… However, trust me, if you keep pushing off that idea you are so passionate about, just do it. Only once you do it will you come to know that probably it was so doable and not all that tough!

#2 You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take - Wayne Gretzky  

Explanation – Getting started is the scariest part of anything big. You fear the risk of getting failed, you fear your reputation and what not. However, we don’t win, unless we play the game. We will never have all the information, never have all the resources and never have all the answers needed to succeed. Go ahead. You will discover them during the journey.

# 3 Don’t let perfectionism become an excuse for never getting started – Marilu Henner  

Explanation – Lot of times in the quest for perfection, we just procrastinate and defer decisions. Start small, make mistakes and improve on the way. There is nothing perfect the way we know it when we compare it with what it started.

#4 You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great – Zig Ziglar 

Explanation – No one became great on day one. Everyone started ordinarily, faced hardships, made some mistakes, learnt from failures and eventually reached their goals. No one who has achieved anything worthwhile achieved anything without getting started.

#5 What would you do if you weren’t afraid – Sheryl Sandberg 

Explanation - Imagine that you have all the power and resources to work on your dream project. Would you still not start? So, are you afraid of lack of resources or are you afraid of failing when you start? Think and think deep and the answers will emerge from within!

This podcast is about inspirational quotes to get started and inspired in life. Quotes referred here belong to respective authors. Explanation of the quotes is as understood by Vineet Tandon, India's leading #MotivationalSpeaker. 

If you have questions about the podcast, please write to me on 

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