How He Built A 7 Figure Agency From Scratch From Bali | DANNY CARLSON | Millionaire Secrets #114
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Welcome back to another episode of the Millionaire Secrets Podcast!

I hope you’re ready to hear some of the most eye-opening eCommerce secrets ever revealed, because today I’m joined by special guest Danny Clarkson!

Danny is a 27-year-old eCommerce LEGEND.

🤵 CEO of Kenji ROI

🎙️Amazon FBA Podcaster

🎙️Entrepreneur Podcaster

🌴Living The Dream In Bali

Kenji ROI has helped over 600 Amazon sellers grow, scale, and make hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Now is your chance to hear how you can follow in his footsteps.

Want to discover his story, secrets, and the strategies he’s used to build his hugely successful Amazon Agency?

Although Danny is well known for his success in eCommerce?

eCommerce was NOT Danny’s passion.

He didn’t have dreams of becoming an Amazon seller, or a world-renowned PPC expert when he was growing up.

In fact, it was quite the opposite.

He wanted to pursue his passions - drumming, longboarding, and skateboarding, but that didn’t work out.

He quickly realized that building a business around his passions would NEVER work for him.

Want to find out why?

Listen to the Podcast below to find out!

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Dropping Bombs
Dropping Bombs
Brad Lea: CEO, Entrepreneur, and Host of The Bottom Line
Mel & Dave Dupois. Invest With No Money Down. Episode 348 with The Real Brad Lea (TRBL)
Learn about REAL Success at Investor Mel and Dave are Speakers and Mentor across North America. They are BEST SELLING AUTHORS and share their secrets on how they solely purchased 12 properties in less than 12 months with none of their own money and now own over 170 units. Mel and Dave are here to remind you that security is the opposite of freedom—and they have a plan to not only set you free, but help you find the wealth you need to live the life you want to live! In this episode, Mel, Dave, and Brad discuss all the valuable steps to get rich being creative with financing in real estate. Mel and Dave know what they are talking about and this is a must listen to episode for all but especially for those wanting to get started in real estate! 00:00 Intro 01:32 What is wealth 03:57 Get Mel and Dave’s book now at 07:45 Married and Business partners 09:50 Mel and Dave on LINE- check out more info on their website 10:09 Mel and Dave’s backstory 12:40 Why you need an “in case of emergency fund” 16:24 The car crash 22:40 Creative Financing 31:09 Role-Play 36:20 Who owns it? 38:15 Mel and Dave’s routine 39:00 Bomb: There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire 40:42 Shout-out to Grant Cardone 45:00 When you meet with private lenders it is about listening 46:30 Taxes 49:48 Follow the rules 53:30 Other people’s money 56:30 Reach out to Mel and Dave 58:40 Hacks for Real Estate Investors
1 hr 4 min
The Passionate Few
The Passionate Few
Omar Elattar
How We Went From BROKE TO $2.5 BILLION Dollar Couple Success Story! (MUST WATCH INTERVIEW)
Want A Mask? Get 10% Discount On Abby & Bianca's Brand-New, Anti-Microbial Washable Masks Here: Acteev Protect PPE masks with the link below and use the code "PASSION" for an additional discount! Enjoy this POWERFUL interview with co-founders of the multi-million dollar company California Plastics, none other than Abhimanyu (Abby) Khanna and Bianca Desai! Abby comes from humble beginnings in India. After his parents divorced at the age of 3, Abby migrated from India with $200 to his name, sleeping in his car and working odd jobs to survive. He then went on to discovering and fine-tuning his sales skills, meeting the love of his life Bianca, and ultimately starting California Plastics, a multi-million dollar company that partnered with a $2 Billion dollar company supplying some of the highest quality PPE masks available on the market today! FUN FACT: Abby's wife, Bianca Desai is a famous Indian actress starring in several movies! California Plastics is a stocking distributor offering more than 20,000 varieties of specialty, engineering, and commodity thermoplastics from the industry’s leading manufacturers and global suppliers. During the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Abby and Bianca saw a need for PPE, and that is when they began sourcing masks, face shields and sanitizers to service not only their customers in the plastics industry, but also to aid and service hospitals, schools and small businesses. FOLLOW OMAR, ABBY and BIANCA ON INSTAGRAM HERE 📺 📲OMAR’S INSTAGRAM: 📺 📲ABBY'S INSTAGRAM: 📺 📲 BIANCA'S INSTAGRAM: P.S... 🤩WANNA BE INTERVIEWED ON “THE PASSIONATE FEW”⁉️ APPLY HERE: (Options for both ZOOM or IN-PERSON packages) *Plus, the EXTRA cool news is that if you’re selected for this paid package to get an interview on the show, you will ALSO be getting a bunch of content to use for building your personal brand on social media + a consultation w/ Omar + we will be feeding 5,000 - 12,000 people IN YOUR NAME through our official partnership with w/ FEEDING AMERICA! For context, FEEDING AMERICA is the largest non-profit in the country that specializes in providing donated meals to men, women & children who are food-insecure in this country in a time where people need help more than ever! 😊Pretty cool huh? Wanna learn more? Apply now & our team will circle back w/ you within 48 hours for this win-win-win opportunity!😊 As always, live strong & live with passion! - OMAR _____ HOW TO CONNECT w/ OMAR & OUR TEAM FUTHER_____ Wanna Learn The #1 Strategy To Profitably Grow Your Personal Brand OR Business Brand In 2021? JOIN "THE PASSIONATE FEW ACADEMY" (FREE) ON-DEMAND TRAINING HERE: It’s totally free and you can sign up here to be the first to get notified now👉 ***3 Ways You Can Connect w/ Omar & The Passionate Few Academy’s Team Further *** Wanna Ask Omar Your #1 Life, Business or Branding Question? 1) TEXT ME: +1 (310) 564-8140 (or join my community w/ 1-click here:! ) Wanna Be Interviewed On The Show To Share Your Story & Business (Via ZOOM or IN-PERSON)? 2) INTERVIEW APPLICATION: (P.S. If Selected, Your Interview Package Would Help Us Feed 1 Million People In Our “1 Million Meal Challenge” Partnership w/ FEEDING AMERICA. Apply For More Info.) Wanna Get 1-On-1 Consulting To Grow Your Personal Brand or Business Brand Online? 3) CONSULTING APPLICATION: (APPLY HERE FOR CONSULTING W/ OMAR’s TEAM & YOUR CUSTOMIZED CONTENT-TO-PROFIT COACHING PROGRAM)
1 hr 30 min
The Mike Dillard Show
The Mike Dillard Show
Mike Dillard
How a Dentist Built a 7-Figure Online Business, with Dr. Galen Detrik…
I know there are a lot of you out there who are professionals in some form or another… You’re a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer, an engineer, and maybe an accountant, and if you’re listening to this podcast, there’s a very good chance that you’ve thought about starting an online business before… But there’s been confusion, or doubt that’s held you back. . After all, how could a dentist build an online business? Well today you’re going to meet my friend Dr. Galen Detrik who’s done exactly that. He and his wife Davina realized early on during their dental career, that there had to be a better way. They were overworked, stressed-out, and drowning in medical school debt just a handful of years into their career. So they decided to make a change, and they built an online course. Today, they make millions of dollars per year… Not only do they make millions from course sales, but the fact that they made a course, also positioned them as the recognized authority figures in their dental niche, which allowed them to substantially increase their prices, and dramatically reduce the number of patients they see. So yes, it is absolutely possible to turn any business into an online business, and today you’re going to hear exactly how Galen and Davina did it. Resources: Music: Song: hayve - Red Light [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds Free Download/Stream: Watch:
50 min
The Ultimate Entrepreneur
The Ultimate Entrepreneur
The Abraham Group
273 - Voice Encounter - Jay Interviews Harry Legg - How to Get Your Message Heard Above the Din of the Crowd
In this episode, Jay interviews Harry Legg, the voice of some of the biggest companies on the planet, like Nike, NBC Sports, and radio/TV stations worldwide. Harry shares why his voice is like a brand, and how his voice is behind the signature sounds that play a part in powerful marketing efforts. Harry reveals what has changed in the industry over time and because of COVID, and he explains why it’s more important than ever to amplify the quality of your production and choose a voice talent to emote what your potential clients identify with. You’ll learn the best tips for finding quality voiceover talent, the importance of coaching, and easy ways to sound better during production. Tune in to hear where voice talent is most needed, where people get it wrong, and what he does to help his clients — and learn why authenticity is paramount when it comes to finding the perfect voice for your brand. 00:00 – 05:30 – Harry’s background, his voice as part of a brand, who he works with, and the trends that have changed with time and because of COVID. 05:30 – 10:30 - How to find a voice and be professional, the best voiceover talents, what goes on behind the scenes, and the importance of a coach. 10:30 – 17:30 - Some fun examples, where his talent is most needed, some professional presentation tips, and what he sees people doing wrong. 17:30 – 24:00 - The work Harry has done, how people collaborate in the industry, how he offers more than just his voice, and what he does to help his clients better. 24:00 – 29:30 - On hanging out at his local radio station, bringing his voice to life, learning the skill of giving information quickly and having an internal timer, and how to grab someone. 29:30 – 37:00 - Funny and interesting radio and interview stories, why authenticity and support are critical things to expect from your voice, and collaboration.
37 min
Empire Show
Empire Show
Bedros Keuilian & Craig Ballantyne
180. The Mindset of a Warrior
To become a warrior and inspire others to lead, one must first develop themselves. In today's Inside Look episode, Bedros speaks with Mark Divine, founder of SEALFFIT, the host of the Unbeatable Mind podcast, NYT Best Selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and professor. Mark has dedicated his life to the development of human performance and leadership in others. He shares his journey to becoming a Navy SEAL, the benefits of meditation, the power of visualization, how every day offers a lifetime of learning, and so much more. Here's what you don't want to miss: 3:00 Mark's path to joining the SEAL Team and how endurance sports propelled him forward 6:05 Mark’s first career in the family business as a CPA and how he knew it wasn't his true calling 8:30 His first introduction to karate and meeting his first true mentor 11:50 the importance of "killing his ego" and ultimately turning his back on the family business 13:26 How to slow down, stop trying to do so much, find time every day, and look for answers 17:00 The skillset it takes to build "mind-power" and the concentration required to stay focused 18:58 How the unconditioned mind will always struggle to accomplish worthy things in life 20:18 Why mindful mediation is so hard for most people yet is the most profound thing one can do 21:22 How to reach mindful awareness in your thoughts and emotions through a metacognitive shift 22:28 How to open up your right brain activity and become a thinker 26:00 How opening your heart through meditation will provide the answers you seek 27:17 The moment Mark realized he was meant to be a warrior and his first encounter with the Navy SEALS 29:50 How adding visualization to his daily meditation took things to the next level 33:45 Mark's most powerful tool that he uses during meditation to reach his "higher self" 35:39 How to use visualization to let go of the negativity that might trigger limiting believes in yourself 39:30 How tracing the root cause of problems through recapitulation can help heal old wounds 43:20 The mindset of a warrior and the importance of living like every day is your last day 46:30 How writing a letter to your younger self can turn shame, rage, and confusion into wins 50:37 The elements of outstanding leadership and what it takes to get a team to follow you Connect with Mark Divine: Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter Check out Books by Mark Check out the Unbeatable Mind Podcast Connect with Bedros Keuilian: Instagram Facebook Youtube Twitter LinkedIn Buy Man Up and get Bedros' High-Performance Leadership Course for FREE: Subscribe to our Channel for weekly videos:
58 min
The Brian Buffini Show
The Brian Buffini Show
Brian Buffini
How To Be a Pro in an Unskilled World #266
“You're in total control of the skill set you have and the skill set you can have.” – Brian Buffini We might not be able to control much in today’s uncertain world, but one dynamic we can control is the ability to develop our own skills. In this episode, Brian teaches how we can take charge of our attitude, efforts and self-development to become more skilled and professional and stand out from the crowd. Topics discussed include: how to develop emotional intelligence, how to listen well and why actions speak louder than words. YOU WILL LEARN: * How to connect with your clients. * How to serve your clients. * How to hone your skills. MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: “Emotional Intelligence,” by Daniel Goleman Episode 14, An Interview with Daniel Goleman Episode 26, Mastering the Art of Listening Episode 87, The Unexpected Extras Episode 161, Never Split the Difference with Chris Voss Chester L. Karrass “Takin’ Care of Business,” by Brian Buffini and Joe Niego Buffini & Company training solutions INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FROM THIS EPISODE: “It is easier to succeed right now than any time I've seen in the last 40 years.” – Brian Buffini “We're not in control of very much. But we can control our attitude, we can control our efforts and we definitely can control our own self-development.” – Brian Buffini “Gifts are given. Skills are acquired and honed.” – Brian Buffini “Human beings want to feel heard, and they want to be connected.” – Brian Buffini “Every time you fulfill a promise, you build trust. Every time you break a promise, you break trust.” – Brian Buffini “There's a joy in serving, there's a purpose in serving, there's a beauty in giving.” – Brian Buffini
40 min
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