Mackenzie A Simply Frosted Cake Boss
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Mackenzie is a woman who has found her calling.

She didn't just wake up one day and decide to start a cake business. It took years of thought and passion, but when she finally saw the opportunity, she knew it was time, and courageously jumped in! Fast forward, Simply Frosted By Mackenzie is now a national brand.

Mackenzie grew up in a house where her mother made cakes for the whole family—and for their friends, too. They had bridges, and water, and enchanted her childhood connecting magic and memories. Mackenzie shares the magic of how she intentionally infused family, memories, love and passion into her purpose of cake. As little girls, we are taught that we are not "too big" or "too much" to take up space in the world. Infusing legacy into our businesses is sometimes, our greatest desire. But, the clarity on "how" often feels entirely impossible. Tune in, because Mackenzie's big cake energy smashes everything to deliciousness and is an incredible reminder of what following your heart can open up. Her thrill and joy in this podcast is only a small tasting of what I know her heart to be. But it is so incredible to witness a woman's decision in moving toward the life she most passionately desired: Simply Frosted By Mackenzie.

As we grow older, we are faced with many questions about our purpose: What should I do with my life? How do I create something that makes me happy? Where can I find fulfillment?

A big part of how these questions can be answered through our hearts, through our most precious memories that define who we are as people. Mackenzie shares her story and how she found herself pursuing a career in cake design after years spent working behind-the-scenes in other industries.

That's how Simply Frosted by Mackenzie came into being: with love, patience and passion put into every single bite!

Take a big bite of sweetness right here, and order up some CAKE!!!

Her insta:  / @SimplyFrostedCake 

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