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“Today we talk about taking over, just because it’s Tuesday.”
It’s Tuesday, June 8, 2021 I’m your host MK and welcome to the Mankind Podcast, we are a Takeover AZ Media program on and WithUsOrAgainst.Us It’s takeover Tuesday and that means Ambition the Great will be slidin into your pod catcher today so keep your ears open because that is a phenomenal interview hosted by our own Daniwrldtakeover and recorded live at Thunder Canyon Brewery before last month’s Bar w/Friends. And guess what? We’re doing again and this time there’s a twist. Here’s the plan. We didn’t just get HeelFace Podcast to join us and double down on the podcast interviewy goodness but Z and Daniella are gonna be in PHX interviewing Jon Blaze at IKON radio so that means to pull this off, we needed a guest host or two. So check it out June 26th at Thunder Canyon Brewery before Bar w/Friends we’re recording a very special live edition of Takeover Lounge this time hosted by the Queen S. Beezy herself and one of the hottest new voices on the TUC scene, he’s all man and all Amazen! That’s right a double header podcast before Bar w/Friends, I’ll let you know the exact times and who’s getting interviewed later on this week so stay tuned.

Actually you should definitely tap in this Friday 8pm on when we’ll have Amazen in the studio talking about it, we’ll cover his career, moving from Pontiac, Mi. and so much more. But don’t take my word for it.
(Amazen clip)
This Friday pull up to and June 26th pull up to the Bar w/Friends pre-game event!

Interview platforms have always been a hot commodity for independent artists especially in smaller markets where there’s virtually no industry exposure at all, it can be difficult to navigate without a manger or a team. So I’d like to talk a lil bit about how to get an interview on Takeover Lounge and there’s a few concepts that carry over across all interview platforms and show bookings. By the way this is just quickie 2 or 3 things type list, it’s not an all inclusive guide to booking yourself on podcasts. I just have a lot of experience in this particular area so I thought I’d share just a few relevant hacks but generally, this stuff you MIGHT already know.

1. Be friendly: I shouldn’t even have to say this but sadly I do. Be outgoing, and provide a sense of value to everyone you approach. Especially in your home markets but really go above and beyond with everyone that you reach out to.
2. Add actual value: It’s not just about sharing your recent drop or an upcoming show, add value to the people you reach out to. This is a tough one because there’s so many ways to add value and everyone is unique. Use social currencies and always remember, people that are interested, are interesting. Don’t make it about you, it’s really just that simple.
3. Get familiar: at least a quick profile skim, you don’t need to be a die hard fanatic of the show but knowing a little goes a long way and knowing peoples names is a HUGE bonus. It’s important that this is a mutually beneficial relationship and familiarity is a quick way to prove that your committed to it.
4. BONUS Attitude of Gratitude: lead with gratitude and be humble. Period.

Like I said this isn’t the end all be all guide to getting on a podcast and you can really use these concepts anywhere you might need to be a little better prepared, in life. I’m gonna drop the mic on that note and say thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone tapping in to show I can’t do this without YOU! I wanna send a shout out to my family over at Takeover Lounge, Z GiV and Daniella y’all are KILLING it! A very special thank you to the team making the dream, S. Beezy, Amazen, Zeus and Babyface Stu get ready for podmaggedon at TCB on the 26th, but I’ll see you tomorrow. 🏽

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