MKP 6/11/21
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Yo yo yo welcome to casual Friday thank you for coming, how you guys doin? It’s ya man Mankind, back in effect you know what’s up every Friday I go mostly off the script and just kinda talk about tonight cuz I want you to tap in to Takeover Lounge where our guest came from Pontiac Michigan he had one of the most prolific albums of 2020 called “Prime” one of the most talented and active emcees in our scene right now and his name says it all he’s truly Amazen!

I still play the house of prime basically every day, reflections pt. 1,2 and 3 are all wild and his catalog is just CRAZY! He’s honestly just got a great personality for this rap shit. I’mma talk about it next week but he’s one of our guest hosts for the upcoming we’re calling it pod w/friends event. He’s definitely pushing the envelope and he’s a huge asset to the Tucson scene. Tap in tonight go to and there are all the links to watch live.

I have a couple of things to ask then imma get outta here and go get ready for tonight. I want this show to be the best it can be so, what do you think of this format so far? Is it too short? Too often? Should I save it all for one day and just release a 20-30 minute show once a week? What are your thoughts? When it's a small platform like this, your opinion really matters and helps a lot. Another thing is I wanna get Thursday's podcast roundup more polished and just get like a regular rotation of show previews and voices from the community. So I just ask that you kinda bear with me on Thursdays while I get that figured out but if you do have any suggestions they’re always welcome. I think that’s it for this week y’all, thanks again for always tapping in. I’ll see you tonight on Takeover or tomorrow June 12 if you catch me at El Show with Aske and Evander Grimm, I’ll have free stickers and some free T-shirts on me so come say hi. Otherwise, I’ll see you back here Monday, 

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