SSN 1 Bonus Episode
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SSN1 Bonus Episode

Welcome to a very special edition of the Mankind Podcast, my name is Man(killa)kind and I am your host. this is the season 1 companion episode to what’s happening BTS here at mkpod as we plan for the future while navigating uncertain times. Also, this is going to be a tribute to a season full of amazing interviews and genuinely incredible people sharing their most interesting hip hop moments and stories and bringing communities together. But, first and foremost, I wanna thank you for listening, without you, this doesn’t work and I appreciate you tuning in.

We have started it up, but soon, you'll start seeing even more content from a media collaboration we are actively involved in with Z Giv and Takeover Productions. We’ve teamed up to create “Takeover Lounge” A weekly internet show featuring live interviews and performances by the hottest up and coming Arizona hip hop artists. I'm going to bring a little piece of that show to y'all every episode and what better time than now to get that started so, here’s a clip from our Jay Bailey episode where he drops a verse he wrote in prison.

I’d like to thank Z Giv and Jay Bailey as well as Jimmy Coltrane for helping make Takeover Lounge such an incredible success in these early days while riddled with technical difficulties, we will get it together and have a lot of fun doing it so thank you all for supporting! I’ve got one last interview in the bag to cap off season 1 and it’s a huge one. If you don’t already know, we had our biggest live event yet at sos bodega in mid-March right before the pandemic with Tucson’s golden boy Aske (I keep hearing it pronounced ahh-skay and I don’t hate it) but we chopped it up with the Yung Bull and had a phenomenal conversation you will not want to miss! It’s part 2 of our season 1 finale episode and we’re going to be releasing that trademark “soon” so go catch part one of that in our the counted by Chris interview and please subscribe to our YouTube channel, it helps us out a lot, it really does. If you’re interested in following anyone we mention in this episode, we have put all the social links in the show details. Well, this is a short one frands and I hope you’re taking care of yourself until we meet again this has been the great Mankind Podcast! thank you for listening, peace!

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