MKP 6/30/21
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“I’m back today with clips from The TUC”

It’s Wednesday, June 30th, 2021. I’m MK and this is the Mankind podcast a Takeover AZ Media program on and WithUsOrAgainst.US

Thank you so much for listening, I can’t do this without you and I am so grateful for all the support, sincerely, thank you.

I’ve been trying out different mic setups and eq settings so if things sound a bit different sometimes, that’s why, and we apologize for the mess while we make improvements and appreciate your patience as we sort things out.

It’s Wednesday so I talk about “The TUC” and for those that haven’t seen it, I thought I’d play the trailer and intro audio this week and tell you a lil more about what going on with that project.

Let’s start with the music. The theme was composed by the prodigal Tucson sun, and international super producer, Manny Megz and acquired in cooperation as a part of the STEEZGOD Stimulus. Check it out.

For the visuals, I filmed them in two parts, one at a Cash & Marley show in 2020 and I used these guys because they really embody the quintessential essence of talented musicians and they’re both together and individually not only pillars but beacons of the Tucson hip hop community. Huge shoutout to Cash and Marley. The second part I filmed at the Takeover Lounge 1 year anniversary show as it was a perfect example of the enthusiasm that this scene brings to the city. I wanted to keep it simple while still being impactful.

Episodes are still in the works because I’m trying to figure out what the ideal format is, and I’ve never done this level of video editing before so to say I’m overwhelmed would be accurate but I’m honestly loving every second of it. Something that I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned is this project is completely filmed on iPhone, maybe I should make a bigger deal about that… Anyway since I realize most people who only listen to me here may not have seen or heard the trailers so here’s part 1 featuring S. Beezy.

(S. Beezy trailer)

I had Beezy come to the spot for the interview and most of the footage I got of her comes from this year’s Bar w/Friends stay tuned because I’m gonna get it together and start dropping the full interviews trademark soon.

I’m still adding b-roll and performance audio but these are very close to the final cut. And the next clip is my guy,  I mention him all the time, our city’s finest Mr. Jay Bailey.

(Jay Bailey trailer)

I actually went to his studio for that one and trust me the full interview is dope and coming trademark soon. And that’s all that’s it, I gots nothing else for you filthy animals, so let's get outta here. Big thank you to Manny Megz, Cash and Marley, S. Beezy, Jay Bailey, Labratz and, everyone making the Tucson hip hop scene the amazing place it is right now. I’m gonna come back with a podcast clip for the roundup so hit me up if you want to get your favorite show in there. Thank you so much for listening, my name is MK and this has been another amazing episode of the Mankind Podcast, I’ll see you tomorrow. Peace.

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