MKP 6/18/21
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Hey guys casual Friday MK here and today we’re mixing it up and I’m gonna deconstruct my podcast for you. Is that Crazy? I dunno. So, my process for this particular project the Mankind Podcast is pretty simple and this is the beginning of a series about creating podcasts, I’m gonna talk about preparing and launching your pod, hardware and recording equipment, music and SFX and a lot more but, let’s call this “Podcraft part 1” and this time around, we’re just gonna focus on building a script, recording and organizing the audio, uploading the episode and promoting it as simply as possible, easy peezy, right. So for me, I like to start with the “tag line” it’s just a 5-10 word “dirty summary” of the show. Ideally it’s catchy or funny and I actually write this at the end usually so I can make sure to tie everything together as much as possible but for a show like today, I’ll use it t keep myself on topic. So it would be like…

“It’s Friday but there’s no roundup, this week we’re doing a podcast, deconstructed”

And for pre-recorded or longer edited shows, it’s fun to use a short clip from an intriguing portion of the recording, I’m trying to build curiosity and draw the listener in. I just have fun with it and try to make the tag line stand out. Even though it’s technically completely optional, it’s one of those details that adds loads of value.

For the main body of the show I just write a few paragraphs and I try to organize topics by days of the week so like Mondays are a weekend recap and I talk about upcoming events, Takeover Tuesdays I talk about the Takeover Lounge and give you early access to who our guest that week is. Wednesday is a profile kind of day where I talk about documentarian type stuff and give updates to projects I’m working on. Thursday is podcasting about podcasting day and its starting to blend into Casual Friday which is just a no script, stripped down easy going weekly recap and I just reiterate what’s happening on Takeover Lounge that night and where to find me/us that weekend and the cycle continues. When I write the scripts though, I do try to write them with the inflection of how I “talk” versus how I “write” I find there is a fine line and I’m constantly re-reading it out loud and re-writing until it’s right.

For the outro, I try to thank as many people as I can without being obnoxious and understanding this is a work in progress so sometimes I try to drop a quick breadcrumb or just tell you what I have planned in my mind for tomorrow’s episode, something like that. I try to make it a big finale so you miss it when its over. Viola we’re done writing the script.

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