The Third Wheel
The Third Wheel
Oct 20, 2019
#3 ft. Joshua Cavie - Aaron's Stripper, 50 Cent & Body Positivity
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Josh, soon to be Dr Joshua Cavie, is a fellow Computer Science graduate from The University of Warwick and is pursuing a PhD in Computational Neuroscience (he looks at brains ๐Ÿง ). In this episode we talk about ""how us man got united"", the various Comp Sci social events we organised together, PhD life, how Aaron ended up with a stripper at his birthday, Ariana Grande, 50 Cent apparently taking no L's, and some controversial topics including Body Positivity. All of this while looking forward to our post podcast meal at the greatest Curry house in the world, Millenium Balti.

๐Ÿ“– - The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World -

โœ๏ธ - Hamish Trip Advisor -


- Uni life (POP!, CompSoc FC, Millenium Balti): 1:06

- PhD Life: 19:30

- Aaron v Hamish Hair: 25:22

- Chirpse Life: 27:48

- Aaron's Stripper: 31:04

- Dream Podcast Guest (ft. 50cent): 39:40

- Celebrity Crushes: 46:40

- Being Tall: 53:00

- Dating Apps: 1:00:55

- Controversial Opinions (ft. Body Positivity): 1:06:34

- FInal Questions: 1:24:34

- Shoutouts: 1:29:58


Josh - Aston Villa F.C

Aaron -

Hamish -


The Third Wheel

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