Stories From India
Stories From India
Feb 28, 2021
89 - Ramayana - A Fight for Sore Eyes
Play • 28 min

A story from the #Ramayan about #Rama's battle in the #Dandaka forest with #Shoorpanakha's brothers #Khara and #Dushana

Transcript and show notes


#sfipodcast #Ramayana #Valmiki #Laxman #Lakshman #Sita #Panchavati #Surpanakha

There are 9 previous Ramayana episodes

Valmiki's origin story is in Episode 6 – Fish Highwayman

The Ramayana kicks off in Episode 7 – Kingdom by Horse

Episode 15 – Rishi vs Rishi: Un-civil war! and Episode 16 – Six….teen Flags are about Rama and Laxman's encounter with #Vishwamitra

A flashback to #Dasharath's past is in Episode 24 – Promises made, hearts broken

Ram, Laxman, and Sita begin their exile in Episode 30 – Banished!

and continue it in Episode 41 – Forest Life and Episode 64 – The First Kidnapping of Sita

They encounter Shoorpanakha in Episode 78 – Ramayana – An Indecent Proposal

We have also covered three episodes that aren’t part of the main storyline but feature some central Ramayana characters:

#Hanuman's origin story is in Episode 25 – Up, Up and Away!

Episode 55 – Saturnine is about an encounter between Shani and #Ravana.

Episode 81 – Ramayana – Wolverine Claws is

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