Season 2, Episode 18: How Mold Can Wreck Havoc On Your Hormones & Health, And What To Do About It w/Ellen Lovelace
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Do you experience brain fog, memory problems, and headaches that you just can’t get rid of no matter what you try?

What about numbness and tingling in your arms or legs?

Digestive issues not getting any better even after trying every change of diet, supplement, and lifestyle approach possible?

Then there may be something deeper at play. And that thing is mold.

I’m so excited to share this episode with you, because mold is an  underlying health issue that isn’t getting the coverage that it  deserves.

I dive deep with Functional Nutritionist Ellen Lovelace into one of her areas of expertise, mold toxicity. We talk about how  mold gets into our bodies, the most common place where mold comes from,  and signs and symptoms of this often debilitating illness.

I ask  her about how mold impacts hormone health (yep, unfortunately it does),  as well as other ways it shows up in our system (spoiler alert – it can  get into our brain and also cross the placenta!).

She shares her own story of dealing with mold toxicity, and what it took to get her life back on track.

Though  it’s not an easy road to get rid of mold toxicity, Ellen explains the  best ways to test for mold both in your house and inside your body. She  talks about some of the approaches to getting rid of mold, and the  timeline you are looking at for the process.

In my opinion, this  is required listening because it’s something that is being overlooked in  much of the medical community. It may be the hidden key for what ails  you.

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