Season 3, Episode 8: How Ayurveda, Chakras, and Elements Fit Together to Support Your Menstrual Cycle w/Reenee Khanna
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Did you know that within our menstrual cycle, there are deeper cycles of the chakras, elements, and Ayurvedic types?

Understanding how these different cycles work together to support you during your follicular, ovulatory, luteal, and period phases might be the key that's been missing in determining why your periods are off. 

Love Your Moon Cycle Founder Reenee Khanna explains this powerful combination provided from ancient times in order to help us with our present day issues. Being out of sync with these cycles can underlie hormonal imbalances, not to mention cause more stress and other health issues. 

Reenee shares with us:

-How the different chakras show up throughout your cycle

-The role that the earth's elements play in reconnecting to our bodies

-The powerful role that Ayurveda plays in leveling out imbalances

This is fascinating information that will make you feel a bit more magical alongside helping to sort out your period issues!

Reenee Khanna is the Founder of Love Your Moon Cycle, a clinical  herbalist and purveyor of ancient wisdom and medicine. Over the last five years, Reenee has been helping  women around the world battle PMS and painful periods, using ancient medicinal wisdom and Ayurveda.  Not only have these women been able to find relief  from painful periods, but they have also transformed their lives to feel energized and vibrant throughout their cycle. Find out more at

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