Ep 177. Jordan Harbinger (Part 2): Rebuilding a Podcast from the Ground Up
Sep 28, 2018 · 31 min
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Show Notes (Part 2) with Jordan Harbinger 

[31:00] When you do outreach, do you do it yourself or do you have a team doing it for you?

[35:00] Jordan discussing skills needed to do outreach and sales. Shares tips.

[37:00] How do you strategically get people on your show? What are your steps for them to accept?

[40:00] Why is it worth it to you to be a podcaster and grow your network?

[43:00] What’s your opinion between seeking and exploiting a niche vs targeting a broader audience?

[48:00] Can you share some advice on how to approach people via email or improving your first pitch?

[52:00] What was the purpose and main message of the the controversial article about you, when you said that people should stop creating podcasts?

[58:00] How could people reach out to you and get more information about your business and services?


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