Ep 9: Matt Lindley (Part 2): Finding your unique creative contribution as an artist and a parent
Nov 28, 2014 · 44 min
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In this episode, you will hear A Day in the Life of Matt Lindley, the director of innovation. Beyond growing a business, Matt is interested in growing and enabling the people around him - we talk about the overlying theme and the collective wisdom that help us move forward in every direction. We also catchup on Matt's own invention of a Breakfast Club, where he brings likeminded people, friends to sparkle ideas and have a great time. Of course, I couldn't possibly leave the question out, that is:

- How much of Madmen (TV show) is true in advertising agencies TODAY? :)
As a TV show host in Matt's previous life, he once again, turned the mic around and asked me about why feisworld podcast, what triggered me to care about what and how other people think, and how in the world was I obsessed with ice hockey and thought it was my life calling? I guess you will learn about me in this episode as well, totally unplanned and unscripted. 
I hope you enjoy the show, and remember that show notes, tools and resources can be found via my website at www.feisworld.com for this episode as well as all the previously released ones. 
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