Ep 22: Lee Skunes (yoga teacher/dancer) Part 1 on the tremendous life we have
Feb 14, 2015 · 42 min
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There's no better time to release this episode than Valentines Day. What is a relationship? What is love? Do we need to have everything all figured out?

Join my special guest Lee Skunnes today. Standing at 6'9'', he's legitimately 2 inches taller than Tony Robbins. :)

"Don't let perfectionism be in the way of where you get the value from. Perhaps your best isn't always your best, your worst isn't always your worst. The drive to better, faster, more, bigger seem to perpetuate through generations. But perhaps we should take a step back and realize how silly this notion is."


In this 2-part interview with Lee, he reminded me that true wisdom often comes from the messy stuff in life. As an incredibly talented and aspiring yoga teacher, Lee believes in walking the walk by doing the work. He values his students as much as they value him.

For those of you who are interested in becoming a yoga teacher and perhaps have contemplated the idea for a while, Lee offers the most transparent answers to evaluating whether this could be path for you.

There is a very big entrepreneur part of being a yoga teacher including but not limited to self promotion, marketing, personal taxes, etc. You have to be willing to take on these responsibilities or find someone who can free you from these tasks.

"Work is like play for me" says Lee, "You have be grounded among transitions, as well as the depth and capacity needed in order to be a full time teacher."

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