Ep 38: Tom Seabourne (Part 2): Renaissance man of fitness
Jun 4, 2015 · 51 min
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Show notes, links and resources: https://www.feisworld.com/blog/tom-seabourne

Tom Seaborne is a fitness educator, author, martial artist and cyclist.

Tom has a Ph.D. in exercise science. He was a member of the US. Taekwondo Team, and a National and International AAU Taekwondo Champion.

In addition to Taekwondo, Tom is an ESPN professional Karate Association full-contact karate winner.  If there are avid cyclists who are listening to this podcast, it’s worth mentioning that Tom was the winner of RAAM Open West, and ranked top 10 in the 1990 Race Across America. Tom holds a National 12-hr record holder (229 miles), a 24-hr Texas State Cycling Champion (1740 miles in 7 days) and a Guinness World Indoor Cycling Record in 2009 (185 hours).

Besides competition, Tom appeared on a number of televisions and video series such as the QVC Fitness Expert. He also co-hosted the #1 rated infomercial 6-second abs, Fox Morning Show, Good Morning Texas, Stay Fit ABC, Inside Fitness – CBS National and many others.

Tom has authored over 200 articles and 16 books. You can find them on Amazon.

What strikes me the most is not the endless list of Tom’s accomplishments as an athlete and an educator, but rather his openness, honesty, and willingness to flex, listen and learn. To learn more about Tom, please follow him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.


  • Catching up on writing The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Total Body Workout and winning the Texas Teaching Award [03:30]
  • Tom’s profession: help people become fit and stay fit [5:30]
  • Fitness icon at age 50 – Tom refused to be called a role model [8:00]
  • The secret origin story for Tom – how did it all begin for him? [8:30]
  • “I want to teach karate for the rest of my life” [7:00]
  • A 10-year period when Tom traveled intensively for fitness conferences [13:00]
  • Tom talks about his lack of understanding for social media [14:00]
  • Inside story of how Tom received 5,000 fans on Facebook [15:00]
  • Full page feature on Sports Illustrator & how it changed Tom’s life [16:15]
  • A current situation for Tom: PE requirement has been removed from college curriculum [15:00]
  • Podcast creates possibilities for me to help other small business [20:00]
  • Classika – Linda (Tom’s wife’s) shoe company, [21:30]
  • True fans on social channels, not just the number of fans [23:15]
  • Tom new perspective on social media – “I need to get my ego out of this” [24:30]
  • Quora – how can someone like Tom take advantage of a social knowledge platform such as this? [25:30]
  • Podcasting, social media – getting words out of a small town [29:00]
  • There’s no better era than the one we are in today to be an influential fitness guru [29:00]
  • Ubersense – coaching fitness from anywhere in the world [34:00]
  • Become an influencer who helps the right information (what works, what doesn’t [37:00]
  • What’s Tom’s exercise routine and live his life? [38:00]
  • Managing social pressure and effects on our behaviors – “People look away when you talk about yourself” [43:00]
  • Do something that scares me everyday? [45:30]
  • An assignment for Tom [46:15]

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