Ep 105. Anny Laplante: Flying with Style to a New Creation in Circus 1903
Apr 3, 2017 · 55 min
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This week on Feisworld, we are joined by a lovely young lady named Anny Laplante.

Anny is a "flyer" currently performing with Circus 1903 in a breathtaking act called Russian Cradle Duo. 

Russian Cradle Duo is a famously known circus act, where the aerialist being propelled is referred to as a "flyer" (that's Anny), while the one doing the tossing and catching is referred to as a "carrier" (or "catcher"). The flyer usually starts and ends by standing on the frame above the catcher. The flyer then swings holding on to the catcher’s hands, performs releases at the top of the swing, and is re-caught in mid-air. 

There are many technical aspects in terms of the strength and speed required for the tossing and throwing to be possible. Needless to say that this act is very challenging and dangerous. 

I was covered with tears when I first watched Anny perform in one of my favorite Cirque du Soleil show called KURIOS. I cried again the second and third time. Anny's act felt vulnerable, pure, and brave. In our conversation today, we'll take you inside the circus world and beyond. 

Show Notes: www.feisworld.com/blog/anny-laplante

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