Ep 15: Ralph Peterson Jr (Part 2): the living legacy of an art form
Jan 8, 2015 · 41 min
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Ralph wants to be a musician's musician:

"If you honestly play music, then people will feel it. If you play music to people - when they change, your music will have to change."

To following Ralph Peterson Jr., you can connect with him on FacebookTwitter. Ralph's music is available via iTunesCD BabyAmazon and Ralphpetersonmusic.com.

Part 2 Show Notes (Times Are Approximate):

  • How to stay relevant as a musician [4:40]
  • What you need to know about the nature of the record business [6:45]
  • Redefining what success means to Ralph [8:15]
  • Technology as the great equalizer and why should you own your own label? [9:15]
  • Counterintuitive fact: How much is the cost of marketing/publicizing records? [11:45]
  • Being comfortable with the musician you are [13:45]
  • What contributes to good marketing for musicians (and others)?  [14:45]
  • Ralph wants to be the musician's musician [17:45]
  • The musician the art vs. the musical the populist [20:15]
  • What would you say to your 20-year old self? [21:45]
  • Ralph opens up about overcoming addiction [23:15]
  • Do not undersell yourself. [28:45]
  • The student that will change music forever. [31:15]
  • It's about progress, forward motion - and not about perfection [32:45]
  • Recovery is about self love. [35:00]
  • Why did Ralph pick up trumpet in addition to drumming? [36:45]
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