Ep 36. Wade Devers: Designer to Creative Director with authenticity and humor
Apr 30, 2015 · 58 min
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Wade Devers is an Executive Creative Director and Managing Director at Arnold Worldwide. He always leaves a unique impression.

When I first walked in the door at the Arnold office back in December 2013, I must had met dozens of people on Day 1. I remember forcing myself to remember all the names and faces an felt completely overwhelmed. When Wade walked by me for the first time, I remember thinking "That beard! That face! That outfit!" but most importantly, "That spirit!" 

Wade is both funny and fun to be around. He truly doesn’t look or dress like anyone else I’ve met (which makes remembering him incredibly easy). But what I like most about Wade is his spirit which I refer to as "spiritually warm" - by which I mean: you just can’t help wanting to be friends with him.

If you are listening to this episode because you come from Arnold and have worked with Wade before, you’ll likely discover many things you didn’t know about him.

We talk about agency life of course such as what it is like to be an Executive Creative Director in Boston (only a dozen or so jobs like this in the city) working on some of the coolest brands in the country and around the world. How Wade transformed from a young designer to a creative director? How does Wade approach work, creativity on a daily basis? What does he look for in a new hire, etc.?

The conversation doesn’t stop at the agency talk as we dive deeper into Wade’s secret origin stories. Did you know that he spent years living in Scotland and working at a Chinese restaurant? It was an experience that has forever changed his life (for the better).

As a father of four children, I noticed that Wade is a family man who has wonderful relationships with all his children. I had to ask him about parenthood and how he remains to be so cool in front of his teenage kids.

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