Ep 18: Chris Heinen (Part 2): Skydiving as a form of meditation on steroids
Jan 18, 2015 · 23 min
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In part 2 of our conversation, Chris speaks to his passion for jumping out of perfectly functioning planes.
Chris is a skydiving instructor and photographer.

Since Chris was 6 years old, he thought he would be serving in the US military. Then he asked him - "what really makes me happy?" The answers were design, teaching and making things.

1,200 skydives later, Chris is now comfortable and feels normal when jumping out of planes but he never lets his guard off.

"It's a moment of Zen, nothing else existing except for a small movements in your body. Skydiving as a form of meditation on steroid."

Drag, pitch of your body allow you to move across the sky. "Pencil dive" lets you go over 200 miles an hour vs. diving with your belly is only about 120 miles an hour.

In closing, I asked Chris what he would say to his 18-20 year old self. He replied:"Let life happen. Don't just hold onto to expectations. Start living." always, with a smile. :)

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