Ep 176. Jordan Harbinger (Part 1): Rebuilding a Podcast from the Ground Up
Sep 28, 2018 · 30 min
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Show notes, tools and resources: https://www.feisworld.com/blog/jordan-harbinger?rq=jordan

Jordan Harbinger (@JordanHarbinger), once referred to as “The Larry King of podcasting,” is a Wall Street lawyer turned talk show host, social dynamics expert, and entrepreneur.

He was the host of a Top 50 iTunes podcast called The Art of Charm, which I had been listening for years and resulted in this first interview with Jordan.

In early 2018, Jordan found himself in an unexpected situation where he had to leave the show and rebuild a new podcast from the ground up.

This interview isn’t about being at the top, but how to rebuild and go back to the top.

In this episode, Jordan relentlessly shared his insights on how he did this. Within months, he saw millions of downloads for his new podcast - The Jordan Harbinger Show, where he deconstructs the playbooks of the most successful people on earth and shares their strategies, perspectives, and insights with the rest of us.

Jordan’s beliefs:

  • Practice what you preach.
  • Be kind.  Be helpful.
  • Nurture your network (especially dormant ties) — this is a topic we discussed in another recent episode with David Burkus

Show Notes

  • [07:00] How was your experience and things learn when you moved from being at the top vs starting the Harbinger show?
  • [09:00] How do you reach out to your network and keep it alive and active? How’s your today’s routine different from before?
  • [14:00]  What are Gmail roulette and your texting system?
  • [16:00] Fei and Jordan discussing about reaching out to people constantly and the benefits of doing it.
  • [20:00] How was the process of starting a new show? Was it easy/difficult? Slow/quick?
  • [23:00] How well is your new show doing today?
  • [25:00] What are some of the topics/guests that interest you at the moment?
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