Mark Curran, Republican Nominee for United States Senate - Illinois | Chicago Business Podcast Episode 009
1 hr 4 min

Today we welcome Mark Curran, former Lake County Sheriff of 12 years and candidate in the upcoming United States Senate election representing the Republican ticket. Mark talks about a wide range of topics including the code of silence among police officers, term limits, the environment, the carried interest loophole, estate taxes, and appropriate use of military force. This Episode 009 is a must listen for all voters in Illinois and beyond!   

0:00:00 Introduction 

0:02:40 Republican Primary 

0:04:00 Record and Background 

0:08:10 Change of Parties 

0:09:27 Spending a week in his own jail  

0:12:22 Political spectrum inclination 

0:13:31 Beverage of the Day 

0:15:00 Criminal justice reform 

0:18:00 Code of Silence 

0:20:00 Liberal Arbitrators 

0:21:32 Racism in Law Enforcement

0:26:47 Bad Cops

0:31:11 Grand Juries

0:32:37 Timing of George Floyd Officer Charges

0:36:00 Defunding the Police 

0:38:54 Public Sector Unions  

0:40:20 Covid-19 Shut Down 

0:43:56 Term Limits 

0:45:05 Unfair Playing Field for Small Businesses 

0:46:55 Ethylene Oxide 

0:48:12 Carried Interest  

0:49:38 Inheritance Tax 

0:49:58 America First  

0:51:26 Immigration Reform 

0:53:36 Appropriate Use of Military Force 

0:59:52 Rate of Spending 

1:02:22 Social Security Means Testing 

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Guest Name: Mark C. Curran, Jr. IL-R Nominee for United States Senate 

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Music: DEAF KEV - Invincible [NCS Release] 

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