Don't care about your Data!
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Hey guys we're back with another week from the duo Farseer & Kexman. We've done our Mythic+ runs, we've witnessed the start of Castle Nathria, but what awaits?

  • Class Balance

Buffs? Nerfs! The words everyone wants to hear and not hear at the same time. Some Classes have been tweaked so lets discuss how Warriors are getting beaten into the ground again shall we?~

  • Loot Issues

The new random loot system in the Mythic dungeons is causing some controversy but is the data gathered by players in the past three days enough to make a compelling argument before the end of the first week?

  • Castle Nathria

First experiences are the best and Kexman does his best to describe the awe and wonder of Castle Nathria to Farseer and the rest of you, while putting it up as a contender for one of the best Raids Blizzard has designed.

  • Race to World First

We've got some big announcements with the Race to World First coming up very soon! It's going to be heated, it's going to be good and most of all it will probably be the longest RWF ever! Come tune in for the big announcements!

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