18 days remain!~
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Hallows End is over, the Scourge arrive soon and farewell to the Multi-boxers! Blizzard have taken actions this week, with announcements of Celebration and Warnings to those using third party programs. But what exactly is going on?

  • Free Warcraft Week

For just under a week your inactive accounts will be given new life! Allowing you to play the game in full for a short period. Decided to take a break a while ago? Come on back and see what you've missed~

  • Desmephisto's new item

He is so fast you can hardly see him, but as we jump onto the subject of Desmephisto getting his new item in World of Warcraft, the man, the myth, the legend shows up himself in chat. But if you could have an item in game, what would it be?~

  • Multi-boxers banned!

Well you get a warning first! But Blizzard have come out and announced those using third party programs to multi-box will be given a warning and accounts punished if they do not heed them. After all these years, what has made Blizzard make this move now?

  • Secret Murloc!

Those pesky secret pets can be a pain to find, but not this time! Those mystery solvers have discovered how to get yourself a new Murloc pet in-game! When something is that adorable, can you blame them?

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