S7 EP1 - St. Hospital's
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We're back after a very short break to introduce series seven in the run up to Christmas! As series six ended with Sophie heading into labour, we pick up at the hospital and discuss the events of the birth of baby Ian, along with the introduction of Jeremy's next love interest, Zara. We also discuss an incredibly rare feature in Peep Show. A happy ending.

Is It Rolling, Bob? Talking Dylan
Is It Rolling, Bob? Talking Dylan
Lucas Hare, Kerry Shale
Edward Docx
Edward Docx (novelist/screenwriter/journalist) is a hyper-articulate defence witness for some of Bob’s least understood albums: Street-Legal, Infidels, Empire Burlesque and Together Through Life. “There is no uninteresting Dylan album. He opens his veins and says "This is what it’s like for me now."” How passionate is Ed Docx about Bob Dylan? After recording the podcast, we continued our digital discussion for another hour. Here’s Ed on Street-Legal: “It’s his Bosworth. After the battle, there’s blood and corpses and death and everything’s gone wrong. But somehow, he picks himself up and starts to sing! I don’t think he ever dared go there again. It was so bleak.” His reaction to accidentally discovering I And I at age 14: “I thought: what great human being has written this down? I couldn’t believe the depth and strength and beauty and layered wonder.” Join us for our longest - and possibly most articulate – episode thus far. Edward Docx is half Russian on his mother’s side. He was born in the North East and grew up in the North West, went to school in Manchester and then on to Christ’s College, Cambridge, where he read English Literature. He started writing fiction when he was in his teens and completed three unpublished novels before The Calligrapher was published in 2003. His other novels are Self Help (longlisted for the Booker Prize/winner Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize), The Devil’s Garden and Let Go My Hand. He is associate editor of Prospect Magazine. His journalism appears in most leading European and American newspapers and magazines. In addition, Ed works extensively in television and radio and teaches on the Guardian’s Master Class series on fiction writing. The Prophet (November 16, 2011) Bob Almighty (April 21, 2016) Website Twitter Trailer Spotify playlist Listeners: please subscribe and/or leave a review and a rating. Twitter @isitrollingpod Recorded 5th October 2020 This show is part of Pantheon Podcasts.
1 hr
18: Adam Buxton & Chris O'Leary on Scary Monsters (Part 2)
Part Two of my megachat with comedian and author Adam Buxton and in this episode, we’re joined by the one and only Chris O’Leary, returning to Albumtoalbum after his chat with us on ‘David Bowie’ (1967) some months back, author of Pushing Ahead of the Dame blog and collected essays on Bowie’s canon in ‘Rebel, Rebel’ and ‘Ashes To Ashes’. We travel through the album’s tracklisting in this episode, from Ashes to Ashes to the closing Its No Game Part II and a bit beyond too. Chris and Adam swap nuggets of Bowie trivia and anecdotes and Adam blesses us with his incomparable tribute to Gary Numan. We talk about pirates, midwives of history, broken pizzas, bad theatrics and s-s-s-s-s-ociet-t-t-t-t-ty. Additionally, Chris shares a prized Tom Verlaine anecdote whilst I generally burble and chuckle along.   A fuller meander through my thoughts on the absolute belter Scary Monsters is included in the notes for Part One, but if you want to explore Adam and Chris’s work in greater detail, as well as following up on some of the topics that arose in the chat, here’s a handy cut out and keep list:   Chris O'Leary's study of Scary Monsters at 40  https://bowiesongs.wordpress.com/2020/10/08/scary-monsters-at-40/   Adam’s Bowie Spotify compilation https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6ZtTS8N3Qwx2oX1X8jRxL2   General Buxton stuff   www.adam-buxton.co.uk (http://www.adam-buxton.co.uk/)   ‘David Bowie in New York 1980 • The Elephant Man, Scary Monsters & Other Strange People’ by Nacho  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1fTtwGqdQw&t=5s
1 hr 24 min
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