The Wonder Women Episode 4: The Key to a Healthy Gut with Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro
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The Wonder Women Podcast delves deep into the topic of achieving good gut health. In episode 4, Michelle chats with author, international speaker, and gut health expert Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro. Together, they reveal the answers to the increasingly popular questions: What does it mean to have a healthy gut? And how do you improve gut health the right way?

Dr. Fundaro is the founder of the telehealth coaching business Vitamin PhD Nutrition and co-author of "The Science of Gut Health". She earned her PhD in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise from Virginia Tech and is an ACE-certified Health Coach trained in motivational interviewing, sports nutrition, and the Monash Low-FODMAP program. She is the former Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Georgia Gwinnett College, a board member of both the Nutrition Coaching Global Mastermind (NCGM) and the Sports Nutrition Association (SNA), as well as a contributor to publications including Shape, Oxygen, Reader’s Digest, InStyle, and BarBend.

Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

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(00:00:29) Intro to Episode 4

(00:03:55) What is gut health?

(00:07:58) Where does the gut biome come from?

(00:14:03) What role does being clean play in gut health?

(00:25:41) What can you do about the gut health you were born with vs earned?

(00:29:50) How diet affects gut health

(00:31:26) What a well balanced gut biomass looks like

(00:33:43) How gut biome differ by culture

(00:35:21) What does real health look like?

(00:38:23) Does a healthy gut lead to a healthy body?

(00:44:25) The plant-centric diet 

(00:49:25) Fermentable food and probiotics

(00:51:56) What is the ideal amount of dietary fiber?

(01:00:09) Importance of diversity in dietary fiber consumption

(01:01:18) Animal protein and gut health

(01:07:09) Plant-based protein and gut health

(01:08:58) Nutrient timing

(01:12:52) Webinar resources for gut health

(01:14:07) The role of stress and the gut - brain connection

(01:18:12) Closing and how to connect with Gabrielle Fundaro

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