EP 53: Hashkafa Matters [Part 1]
Play • 56 min

Yona & Chani join Avery to have a sophisticated and nuanced discussion over the many differences and similarities those of us share when it comes to our hashkafos in Shidduchim.  We tackle the concept of dating someone based on various stereotypes such as wearing a black hat, davening in Young Israel's and preferring a TV in your home. 

 1) Defining religious orientation 2) Black hat 3) Zionistic 4) TV and TV in the house 5) Sending your kids to white shirt or co ed yeshiva 6) What community do we want to live in 7) Is how you observe Shabbos a hashkafic difference? ie how you want to run a Shabbos table, going swimming, wife holds of the eruv 8) How much do we listen to the families rov? 9) Do we put a filter on the house internet? Kids phones. Etc. 10) Making aliyah 11) Learning

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