EP 48: What happened to all of the “Good Guys”
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Ep 48: What happened to all of the “good guys” PART 1 Are we setting up our boys to fail?? Where are all the “Good Guys” at?? NTS crew discusses with Mrs. Rissel Naimark about the perplexities of girls and “the community” thinking that there are no more good guys/men/boys. IJ and Avery defend the boys!! It seems that there’s this expectancy for the men in Shidduchim to be able to have a set career, solid twice a day learning Seder as well as being a 3 x a day minyan goer. Is this just conjecture from anecdotal “sources” or is this a real thing that is setting the men and thus women back from finding their Basherts to be with? 1) Guys are amazing and here’s why... 2) Is it just that girls standards are too high 3) Is it fair for the women to judge this? 4) Is it a reason for women to say no or should they work with GUY POTENTIAL. 5) Women want a tangible way of measuring how frum a guy is, plain and simple. 6) Why single men don’t have a steady minyan schedule 7) How our grandparents did it (1 minyan and Mentch’s) 8) Dual household responsibility. Differences of growing up with 2 working parents vs 1. 9) Reverse case: men being very strict with women and tznius 10) Our community pushing men into learning, for as long as they can even without a plan --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shidduchim/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shidduchim/support
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