Ep 25: How To Tell The Shadchan They’re Just Not Up My Alley
Play • 46 min
In this episode the podcast crew examines the classic responses like: she isn’t my look, he’s not up my alley, I just don’t see it and all of the politically correct responses you’ll need when talking to the shadchan. Remarks to the Shadchan: 1) She’s not up my alley / He’s not “my type” 2) Why can’t they just have a normal profile pic!! OR they don’t do profile pictures...do they want to get married? 3) Physical Aspects and Resume Info: 4) He’s too short / she’s not my figure type 5) Their just not my look 😏 // I just don’t find them attractive! 6) Too loud/quiet 7) Hashkafically different / Different backgrounds 8) I don’t date from that area (ex: 5T, Monsey, Queens) 9) SPECIFIC ISSUES WITH SHADCHAN: Yes your my mother’s friend but you don’t know me so stop sending me outrageous ideas!!! 10) Enough with your sons sloppy seconds!! 11) Remarks from the Shadchan: I’m sorry you don’t approve of my resume. I’ll be sure to not answer your calls anymore. 12) YESSS a coffee date won't kill me but honestly my time is money and its really just gonna be a big FAT no from me 13) Im doing this for 10 years...just trust me! 14) So should I just not say anything to the shadchan 😡 like they don’t even give a hoot at what I have to say! 15) I just got a few No’s back..so yes I will be sounding brash...if they can be picky why can’t I?? 16) The parents are divorced, I have a problem with that 😕 17) AS YOU DATE THEM: Can you just tell him to stop planning our dates around Starbucks!!! --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/shidduchim/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/shidduchim/support
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