EP 52: Don't Ask Me If I'm Shomer #3 [Part 3: The Rabbi Strikes Back]
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EP 52: Don't Ask Me If I'm Shomer #3 [Part 3: The Rabbi Strikes Back] Navigating the relationship w/shomer in mind. Halachic & Rabbinic perspectives of being shomer negiah. In part 3 of shomer we wrap it up with Rabbi AY’s encounters as a Rabbi & halachic perspective. We also discussed some new aspects of Shomer Negiah, which we did not touch up on in Part 1 and 2. Torah perspectives, community outlines and IJ’s favorite…is breaking shomer the same as kosher and Shabbos? 1. Tznius affects on Shomer Negiah 2. Why are the shidduch dating guys always blamed?? 3. Is there a way to really tell if someone is shomer? 4. Kosher & Shabbos is very diffrent than Shomer 5. Past relationships that you weren’t shomer in: to tell or not to tell! 6. How can you feel intimately connected in a shomer relationship 7. What are ways to bring up gedarim/boundaries without offending the other side 8. Does being shomer fall under the category of tznius 9. Can you judge someone for their past experiences shomer or not? 10. What does the Torah want from a young healthy couple, is it closeness to each other (which comes from Intimacy) or closeness to G-d? 11. It’s not that the Torah doesn’t work, it’s the community that doesn’t work 12. Better for gals to break it whether they are frum or modern? --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shidduchim/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shidduchim/support
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