Ep 33: The Parent Trap
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Ep 33: The Parent Trap
• Using a parent as your shadchan

• A mother knows best– how much should I trust my parent’s experience/advice?

• My agent will handle this– How involved should my parents be in “handling” my shidduchim? Do I have a responsibility to take part in the process?

• Parental consent– what if my parents nix a good idea for reasons that don’t actually matter to me?

• The Parent Trap– my parents are very controlling and won’t let me make my own dating decisions. How do I break free?

• One man’s treasure... My parents just don’t get me and are trying to match me with the wrong type. What should I do?

• I heard concerning things about his/her parents. Should I end it?

• Pair-rents– do both sets of parents have to be a good shidduch too?

• Mommas boy– I really like the person I’m dating, but he/she has an unhealthily close relationship with his/her parents. Is this a concern?

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