Ep 26: Dating Out of the Box and All of Those Quirky Characters
Play • 41 min
IJ, Yona and Chani discuss people who totally stick out of the resume stack. They are different, loud, don’t fit the status quo and just stick out like a soar thumb. Heck they may just be you! Here are our thoughts on those characters and how to understand whether it’s a good Shidduch for you or not. 1) What exactly is someone who is out of the box? 2) Identifying if you are or aren’t 3) Are we examining the Shidduch Resume too much?? 4) What is the cookie-cuter Shidduch perspective 5) Don’t worry they’re very very normal 6) Toning things down: Do you have to calm down your funkiness and quirks? 7) Purple feather in the hat / funky rainbow skirt...when can these things be unloaded! 8) Why can’t they just have a normal profile pic!! 9) I am not judging the person..I am just judging based off of what you sent via what they put out...this is real! 10) Is it being naive or innocence? 11) Things are ambiguous 12) Can we really live above what the general population does with responses? 13) I don’t date from that area (ex: 5T, Monsey, Queens) 14) I’m noticing a pattern where a person from this place/this Yeshiva/this background tends to have this character trait, even though there’s no logical reason that should be. Should I stop dating those types of people? --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/shidduchim/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shidduchim/support
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