Better Fuji Photos
Better Fuji Photos
May 23, 2023
How Accurate are Fujifilm Film Simulations?
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Better Fuji Photos Episode 19: How Accurate are Fujifilm Film Simulations?

Some time ago, I went down some rabbit hole on the Internet and came across an argument about the "accuracy" of Fujifilm film simulations compared to the analog equivalents. How close are PROVIA, ASTIA, VELVIA, etc to the real deal?

But does it really matter? Film is all about which subject you're photographing, which light you're in, and how you want the photograph to look. Film simulations are a digital equivalent of the same concept - they're not meant to be a 100% replica of the chemical-based film. But with that said, they're still pretty darn close!

Objective comparisons are nearly impossible anyways, based on variations in both darkroom and RAW processing techniques.

Just get out there and photograph!

Learn more about Fujifilm's film simulations in this free film simulation course: ⁠⁠

Accompanying web article: ⁠

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