7. Talking About Self-Love with Melinda Strauss
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Real Talk: Today's podcast is all about loving yourself! No interview, no script (oh, there's never a script), just a whole lot of my heart. Can you tell me something you're good at? One of your strengths? Something you're grateful for? I KNOW you can definitely tell me your weaknesses, the parts of your body you don't like, the mistakes you made today. Am I right?!? Why do we spend so much time punishing ourselves for our imperfections. Why do we feel guilt, shame, and embarrassment for the things we're not good at? What if we could be grateful and celebrate the things we're awesome at instead? Listen up because we ALL have something to learn about loving ourselves more. 

After you listen to this episode, head on over to Instagram and find me @therealmelindastrauss to send me that screenshot! I can't wait to connect and celebrate YOU! 

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