Sep 23, 2021
U-Turn Theory By Rajiv Malhotra - Introduction and Q&A.
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In this path breaking theory, Rajiv Malhotra proposes 5 stages, through which the Indic Knowledge gets stolen, mostly by the west, and resold back to India.

Stage 1: Discipleship. The westerner will be very loyal to the Hindu source tradition.

Stage 2: Decontextualization. The knowledge will be decoupled from the source and presented as generic.

Stage 3: Recontextualization. The knowledge will be mapped onto western frameworks like Christianity, Mind Sciences, SBNR (Secular But Not Religious) Cults etc.

Stage 4: Arson - Burning down the Source. The source will be viciously denigrated.

Stage 5: Repackage for export. The stolen knowledge will be repackaged in slick English with new terms, patents and exported back to India.

Rajiv Malhotra explains each stage with many compelling examples, which allows Hindus to realize the Intellectual Property Theft and Cultural Violence, we are oblivious to so far. Every Indic should make a sincere effort to understand this path breaking theory.

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