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In this episode, Felix Wong joins me, and we talk about education, building communities, and passion projects. Felix is APAC Head of Growth at AngelHub, bringing investors and entrepreneurs together. He has an entrepreneurial background which is well suited for his role as well as several side-hustles or passion projects that he is working on. He is very active in the No Code community and sees these tools and platforms as excellent resources to help entrepreneurs realise their goals. In the show, Felix shares how he builds skills, both for himself and others. He also talks about how important it has been for him to allow more people to experience entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding your tribe or building your tribe is very important in helping you on your learning journey
  • There are many learning resources available, and when it comes to technology, Codeacademy and YouTube are great places to start
  • Community building is important because it allows you to build your profile whilst contributing
  • Storytelling is an excellent transferable skill to work on
  • Giving people access to knowledge is important. The beauty of education should not be underestimated
  • Keeping a career "scoresheet" and reviewing this every quarter is a powerful way of managing your career goals and progression. Set yourself goals on working in different roles, verticals, and organisation size/maturities
  • In addition to your main role, always be looking for problems and how these could be solved, as a side hustle
  • Use no code tools to quickly translate your ideas to reality and then test them
  • No matter how senior you are, you need to always be learning
  • Create a routine that will enable your learning goals. 
  • Compound your learning experience by making notes of your learnings and the sources of information you've used. Connect with the authors and build your network

Resources Mentioned

Felix mentioned the following resources:

Recommended Reading

Felix recommends What You Do Is Who You Are: How to Create Your Business Culture by Ben Horowitz

Connecting With Felix

Listeners can learn more about Felix and connect with him by visiting:

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