47. Text Message Marketing for Restaurants in 2019 | Restaurant Marketing Show
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Who uses text message marketing in 2019   

Last Show we talked about the best ways to keep in touch with your customers and increase your repeat business    

Text Message marketing in 2019 has 97% open rate and is a very cost effective way to stay in touch with your customers.    

Today, let’s talk about WHO uses text message marketing in 2019   

Text the word "DEALS" to the phone number 47272 

Papa John’s, Subway, Domino’s, Little Caesars, Taco Bell, Cold Stone, Steak 'n Shake, Applebee's, Burger King, Chipotle, Macaroni Grill (look them up!)   They are all using Text Message Marketing    

Let’s talk about HOW they use this powerful tool to continue to GROW their sales, be top of mind on a weekly basis    

Papa John’s is one of the companies that I’d say uses text message marketing very effectively - that we can learn from!   

A weekly text message   

Texted on the same day of the week  

Texted at the same time of the day!   

Papa John: Fridays at around 4 PM. every. Single.week for the last 5 years that I’ve been a part of their text club SPYING ON THEM!   

We’ve used the same strategy for the last 5 years and have consistently grown our sales.  We’ve over TRIPLED our sales in the last 5 years with 0 prior restaurant experience!    

We have a list of 4,500 customers on our text database 5,000 x 52 = 260,000 texts a year  For over 5 years.  With 98% open rate you do the math!   

I’ve developed a 13 weeks system. We set it and forget it.  We’ve gotten such results using text message marketing that we started to share our system with other restaurant owners and we’ve formed our agency helping other restaurant owners grow their list and GROW their sales.. Get repeat business and make more dough.   

Why these multi billion dollar companies continue to use text message marketing? Because it works!   We usually charge a $300 set up fee and charge $300/ month to manage the whole system for you.   

Our team schedules the texts and you don’t need to learn anything new!   We send you reporting monthly and again, you get to use our systems and templates!   If you use the link below, you can send your first text message for FREE   

Our team will set up the keyword and your first offer for you  You send us your list and our team will send the first text for you.   

Got 1000 people on the list, even if you get say 25 redemptions at a min order of $10   

That’s 25 x $10 = $250   

Oh wait! If you are happy with making dough and working with our team, it would be $250/ month from then on.  

What if you have 5000 on your list?  

What if you want to send 8 texts a month or 8 x 5000 = 40,000  FLAT rate of $250  250/ 40,000 = 0.0062 per text!   

Click on the link below and let’s get you going!   

Got questions, just email me directly at dough@makingdoughshow.com   

We can also help you GROW your text message list if you don’t have any.   

Let me know how we can help you.   


Comment below if on YouTube and let me know if you’ve tried text message marketing and the results you’ve gotten?  

 If you are not convinced yet, know that next week I’ll share with you 5 reasons you should consider text message marketing!   

LET’S GO!   


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